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Updated on May 02, 2023

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About Business Coaching

Business coaching is a process that involves working with a coach to help individuals or teams within a business improve their performance and achieve their professional goals. The coach provides guidance, support, and accountability to help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses, set specific objectives, and develop an action plan to reach those objectives.

Business coaching can cover a wide range of topics, such as leadership development, time management, communication skills, and stress management. Business coaching can help individuals and teams improve their productivity, enhance their decision-making abilities, and increase their confidence in their roles.

ProMatcher offers a directory of business coaches that clients can search based on location and specialty. These coaches have different areas of expertise and may offer various coaching services, such as one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or online coaching.

Overall, business coaching is a valuable tool for professionals at all levels of an organization to improve their performance and achieve their professional goals. The coaching process can help individuals and teams develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, leading to better outcomes for the organization as a whole.

Get matched and get quotes from business & life coaches near you
Get matched and get quotes from business & life coaching services near you

Business & Personal Coaching Topics

Business Coaching Topics

Business Coaching: Success Fear and Faith
Success is based upon what your beliefs about yourself and your surroundings are. If you "believe" in the negative, you will express that. If you believe in the positive, that's what you'll get. So, the question is: what do YOU believe in?

Business Success with a Coach
A Coach will focus on the strengths that already exist within you and help you to reach your full potential. A potential that you didn’t know existed.

Personal Coaching Topics

Life Coaching: What’s Your Story?
What are you willing to do to see your dreams come true?

Communication: 4 Types Of Mind, 4 Types Of People
There are 4 types of personalities which surface during a verbal interaction. Find out who are these people.

Dating Coach: Boost Your Confidence
If you feel you’re one of those who are ready to rock and roll, I gathered a list of things you can use to create your own personalized Dating Checklist to assess whether you truly are prepared to muddle with the other fishes in the Dating Pool.

9 Life Changing Questions
A list of nine questions that could change your personal and/or professional life.

If Your Life Isn't Going According to Plan, It's Probably Because You Don't Have A Plan
I’m telling you because there’s a lesson here, one I hope you’ll take to heart. I’m going to reveal to you the one thing you must do to boost your goal achievement results to near 100% - every time, every goal. You’ve heard me say it or have read it in my writings numerous times…

Look at Both Sides of Lay-offs
Lessons for employee lay-offs. Recently I coached a woman that was given a choice to keep her job and take a 50% pay cut or leave with a small severance package.

New Year, New You
Image is everything. The impression that you make on other people greatly affects your success. Contrary to common beliefs, not only celebrities require an image consultant.

New Year's Resolutions
There are so many supposed New Age gurus out there, promising you complete and utter transformation if you buy whatever product they're peddling. But how do they know what you need? Have they ever talked with you? There is not a one size fits all fix it for changing yourself.

Personal Coaches: Your Tow Truck When You get Stuck in the Mud
Personal coaches can by your tow truck when you get stuck in the mud. Remember kindergarten when you'd ask each other what you wanted to be when you grew up? A teacher! A fireman! The President! The possibilities felt limitless. But as we get older, it feels like the options grow smaller smaller. We feel squeezed, like we have to be a certain way, act a certain way, feel a certain way. Physically we may be fine, but emotionally we're suffocating.

Learn some of the misconceptions about procrastination.

Slim Down Your Budget While Growing a Baby
Don't wait to grow your savings account before growing a baby. Read on for tips on how to save money while pregnant and growing your family.

Business Coaching

Strategic Plans Drive Small Business Success
Having a strategic or business plan is critical for a small business. Understanding where you are and where you are going helps an organization effectively align itself toward accomplishing its goals.

The First Step Carries You the Furthest
When the "want to" changes into intentional action we move from the life we live to the life we long to live.

Leading a Team
As a team leader, responsibilities cover management of people, the team's organization, efficiency of communication, processes, services, other business activities, results and must be in line with overall objectives of the business.

Business Coaching: Building a Team
The building of a team can be complex, especially when different personalities are involved as well as agendas. It is how individuals interact to create a cohesive team to successfully reach defined goals.

Business Coaching: Setting Goals
Short term goals are stepping stones. They are necessary for the preparation of long term goals.

Goal Obsession Is a Contradictory Characteristic
When it seems like we might miss our mark, our goal obsession pushes us to use questionable methods to hit our target. Quite simply, the principled pursuit of a challenging goal set by another person, forces us to become cheaters.

Business Coaching: The "I" Factor
There is much truth to the idiom that "There is no I in team".

Business Coaching: "Yes"
There are many ways to grow your business, but most business owners are cynical, opting to ignore new possibilities. Growth begins with an expansive, receptive attitude, an attitude of 'Yes.'

Business Essentials in the 21st Century
Marketing has changed over the years and reaching your audience isn't what it used to be. Do you really need to have a website and get on board with technology?

Three Questions to Help You Grow Your Business
Every small business owner knows there is always more to do than there is time to do it. This article teaches you three simple questions you can use to help you decide what is most important for you to do and what you can and should delegate to others.

Personal Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching: Go Ahead. Choose Happy.
Goal setting and moving in the right direction with humor. Choose Happy and make your goals come to life.

Everything Starts With Passion
The secret sauce that fuels success is passion.

To Be or Not to Be?
In the words of friends I've had the joy in connecting with, it is not what you've got that makes you, it's what you've gained from that which breaks you.

What's Your Brain Got To Do With It?
Are you one of those lucky individuals that use both sides of your brain evenly? Are you able to identify which one is more dominant? If I told you that stretching, expanding and getting a little uncomfortable will propel you into an expansion of more attraction and more abundance, would you be willing to just step outside the comfort zone?

Are You Feeling Burned Out?
Do you feel like you could blow a gasket at any moment? Have you ever felt like going “postal” because you reached your limit? Then, perhaps you forgot your ground wire; or maybe you forgot your connection to Source? An electrical plug requires connection to an energy source (hot wire), a purpose (hello, anyone got a hair dryer or tv?), and for safety reasons, a ground wire. Additionally, as the picture to the right shows, neutral wires are also an important part of the electrical process. Believe it or not, you are an energy device. In order to live a healthy and successful life, we humans require all of these elements. Please allow me to explain... 1) Connection to Source Power. 2) Living in Flow 3) Live on Purpose! Read more for specific details on how to do each step...

B.I. Survivor Inspired Me With All Her Self-Confidence.
A woman who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in the 1970's lives a functional life and coaches others who have disabilities

Birth: Stuck Shoulders, a Metaphor for Life
Challenges in birth aren't uncommon in current society where birth is seen as a medical process. Birthing the shoulders of my baby proved to be a challenge during our homebirth...a challenge that by having a team of midwives who could work together to bring my baby out, resulted in a beautiful home birth, healthy baby and healthy mom.

Defeat the Stress of Today's Challenges
Do you deal with stress on a daily basis? Is it the kind of stress that prevents you from getting a good night of restful sleep? How are you dealing with the challenges in your life? Do you resort to short term distractions and external stimulus to get that 'mental escape' from the stress in your life? Are you happy? Do you know what real happiness is?

Childbirth: The Labor Practice
Women who would like to pursuit healthy and active birth, and make a wish to avoid medical interventions including epidural, needs to start practicing their labor support tools on a regular basis, until they own them. These tools need to become the mother's natural response to labor contractions, hence the need to rehearse them and own them.

Co-Dependency: What Is It?
Co-Dependency can emerge from a family system with rules that interfere with normal emotional, spiritual and behavioral growth. These rules discourage healthy interactions and eventually can destroy a person’s ability to trust others and themselves.

Coaching the New Mother
Being a new mom is below for strategies I use when coaching new moms.

Life Coaching: Creating Success
This article provides the tools to use to create success.

Life Coaching: 'Everything' In Moderation
'Everything in moderation' is frequently used to remind oneself that more of a good thing is not necessarily better. While the metaphor has become well-used; for the majority of people it has become a cliche with little significance to its true meaning. Socrates is credited with being the first to state, "Everything in moderation. Nothing in excess," 2500 years ago.

Life Coaching: Reaching Your Potential
What is stopping you from achieving your heart's desire? What if you could raise your level by identifying your specific weighted sand bags

The Truth About True Love
What is true love? I certainly thought as a child that my "true love prince" would come and rescue me. Thankfully, I've grown up and learned that love at it's core has nothing to do with a specific person giving anything to you.

Self-Evaluation: SWOT Analysis
Conducting a personal SWOT analysis will help you meet your life goals.

Business Advice for Business Coaching

Email: Outlook Tips
With emails piling up faster than ever and most people relying on it as the key means of communicating and getting real work done in their businesses, here are 7 simple tips that can help you be more productive and have less stress.

Personal Coaching - How to Guides

How To Never Achieve Anything In 7 Easy Steps
Just Forget About New Years Resolutions and Going After Your Goals --they're highly overrated. Why not just stay where you are, where it’s nice and comfy? Just in case you get the urge to change your life here’s some proven techniques to keep you right where you are.

How To Re-Invent Your Dating Life for (or to joyfully get past) the Holidays
As a Dating Coach, I have a very important job. It doesn’t come with a plainly written manual, nor a set of incongruent instructions. My job is to help another human being recreate their own destiny, re-invent their life, guide them through the process of transformation and individual growth, to help prepare them face the challenges of a tough Dating world.

Business Coaching - Questions & Answers

Do you drink coffee every morning?
Top answer: Yes, every morning

Do you have a separate cell phone for work purposes only?
Top answer: No

Does your business have a dress code?
Top answer: Yes

Have you ever hired a family member to work for you?
Top answer: Yes

Have you ever permanently relocated for a job?
Top answer: No, I have not relocated for a job.

Have you ever written a formal business plan?
Top answer: Yes

How many employees do you have?
Top answer: 1-5 employees

How often do you travel out of town for business?
Top answer: Sometimes

Is it important to join a professional association?

What is the furthest you are willing to travel for a job?
Top answer: 25-50 miles

What is your favorite color?
Top answer: Blue

What is your opinion of the National Small Business Association?
Top answer: Favorable

What is your preferred way of communicating with clients?
Top answer: Face to face

Would you be willing to match your competitor's price if the difference was within 10 percent of your price?
Top answer: Always

Personal Coaching - Questions & Answers

Are you comfortable with public speaking?
Top answer: Yes, I am very comfortable with public speaking.

Do you belong to a chamber of commerce?
Top answer: No

Do you belong to any professional associations or organizations?
Top answer: Yes

Do you ever volunteer or participate in community service?
Top answer: Sometimes

Do you offer discounts to family and friends?
Top answer: Yes, always

Does your business offer discounts to senior citizens?
Top answer: Yes

How long is your typical work day?
Top answer: 8-10 hours

How many hours do you typically work on a weekend?
Top answer: 6 - 8 hours

How many hours do you work in a typical week? (Monday through Friday)
Top answer: 40-50 hours

What is the busiest month of the year for your business? (peak month)
Top answer: All months are about the same

What is your favorite day of the week?
Top answer: I don't have a favorite day.

What is your favorite season?
Top answer: Spring

What is your opinion of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)?
Top answer: No opinion/Never heard of them

What time of day are you most productive at work?
Top answer: 9am - 12 noon

Would you consider yourself a "people person"?
Top answer: Yes

Member Polls

Do you believe it is important to join the Better Business Bureau?
Top answer: Yes

Do you ever pass out business cards?
Top answer: Yes

Does your business accept credit card payments?
Top answer: Yes

How frequently do you attend business conferences and/or seminars?
Top answer: Several times a year

How important is word of mouth advertising to your business?
Top answer: Very important

How rewarding do you find your work?
Top answer: Very rewarding

On average, how often do you go out for lunch during the work week? (Monday-Friday)
Top answer: 1-2 days

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Top answer: Early bird (morning person)

Do you typically work on weekends?
Top answer: Yes

Do you work in a family business?
Top answer: No

Does your business offer discounts to veterans?
Top answer: Yes

How much of your work time do you spend doing pro-bono work? (unpaid work for a good or charitable cause)
Top answer: 6% to 10%

How often do you work past 6 p.m.?
Top answer: Often

In your opinion, how competitive is your industry?
Top answer: Very competitive

What is the busiest time of year for your business? (peak season)
Top answer: Business is consistent throughout the year

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