Business Success with a Coach

A Coach will focus on the strengths that already exist within you and help you to reach your full potential. A potential that you didn’t know existed.
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By Lesley Geller, Geller Coaching

Business Success with a Coach

The question of why you would need a Business Coach is no different than why a professional sports player needs a coach. Each of us can only see things the way we see them. With a coach, a new perspective is added, hence the possibility of reaching new heights.

Name a professional sports player who doesn’t have a coach. You may be thinking, and may even be able to come up with one or two, but as far as the names of professionals that come to mind right away, you will be hard pressed to find one. Many sports professionals have been athletic in a unique way since the beginning of time. They were the kind of people that without much teaching at all, had an innate sense about the sport they loved. It was an instinct that didn’t have to be taught. The problem is, whether you have a unique talent or not, you can get to a specific level on our own but then seem to plateau. For some, that plateau will be very high, providing just the success hoped for, while for a larger percent, the plateau will signify “a flat” and the feeling of where do I go next?

With a coach in any sport, the Coach’s job is to take you from the level you are now, to a level that seems out of reach. Some obvious things the coach will do will get you to another tier, like practicing drills, creating game plans and observing what areas need to be developed. Yet there is another piece of Coaching that will help you achieve new levels that may seem unachievable. Great coaches will not only focus on the technical aspects of your game, but will help you with your mental game as well, which will be even more effective than the other pieces combined. Because no matter what talent you have, ultimately it is your thoughts that control the next move you make. It is your thoughts that decide whether you will stand still or move ahead. In business, it is also that mental piece that can create you or destroy you.
So how do you know if you could benefit from having a Business Coach? You work hard and are successful, yet deep inside you feel you could be challenging yourself even more. Unsure of how to get to the next level, you continue setting goals, but find that most days ultimately end the same as the day before. With a Business/Executive Coach, you would have the opportunity to bridge the gap between expectation and performance, so you don’t find yourself constantly creating new goals, yet ending with the same results.

What you know and what you have done to be successful thus far, only goes as far as your own horizons, but with a Business Coach you can:

• Learn to manage more, yet with more efficiency.
• Redefine what’s really important.
• Learn to work through the days when you feel stuck.
• Refine and build upon your existing skills and talents.

A Coach will focus on the strengths that already exist within you and help you to reach your full potential. A potential that you didn’t know existed.
Are you ready to?

• Manage more effectively?
• Increase profitability?
• Organize time more efficiently?
• Exceed your own expectations?
• Redesign an existing career or jump into an entirely new one?

Then what are you waiting for? It sounds like it’s time to find out what your true potential is.

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