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A group of professionals interested in sharing ideas, leads and referral sources.To develop their business to the next level. We encourage you to get involved with this networking event. Help us build...

Digital marketing, local business online marketing, Ridgefield, WA

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Specialties: Social media, online marketing specialist,...

Ask Reeves, Denver, CO

Ask Reeves--remember Ask Jeeves--is an open forum for asking questions about and discussing financial issues that affect individuals, families, and small businesses. Weekly get-togethers--limited to s...

Bergen County Professional Happy Hour Network, Ridgewood, NJ

A group of professionals interested in sharing ideas, leads and referral sources. We encourage you to get involved with this networking event. Help us build a strong business networking group.

Professional Speakers, Providence, RI

A group for professional speakers, individuals aspiring to be a professional speaker, and individuals or organizations looking for professional speakers to interact.

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VentureStreet is a Unique Business Network.  Founded in 2003, VentureStreet is a business search engine and networking platform that provides a unique set of marketing resources for professionals and local businesses.

Benefits of Membership.  VentureStreet is the first business resource on the web to combine the following set of “business to business” and “consumer to business” marketing tools:

» One-on One Professional Networking.  Introduce yourself to business professionals in your local community.

» Business Networking Groups.  Create or join a business group so that you have a regular place to meet your referral sources.

» Member Lead Exchange.  Use our lead exchange claim and post lead opportunities.

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Business Networking Groups. VentureStreet is a community of business professionals interested in sharing ideas, clients, and referral sources. Our network:

> Enables professionals to connect one-on-one with other professionals through a unique permission based system. Connect and meet only with those people you approve into your network.

> Enables professionals to create and manage their own networking groups. You make the rules, you decide who participates.

> Provides discounts to continuing education courses.

> Provides industry specific marketing resources.

What to look for in business networking groups. Profitable business networking is determined by your ability to build mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals. This kind of relationship cannot be achieved at just any standard shake-hands-and-exchange-your-business-card event that touts itself as a business networking “opportunity.”

What you really need is to become involved with professionals who think about you on a regular basis. For this to happen, you need to take the time to develop a core group of “rainmakers” with whom you comfortable. This takes time and patience. 

As you are searching for business networking groups, consider the following:

> Look for a networking group with individuals you like, trust, and are willing to go out of your way to help.

> Find a networking group that teaches you something about general business principals, not one that just exchanges leads.

> Build your own group if you cannot find an existing group that meets your needs.

A network of benefits.  Increased business revenue is not the only benefit you receive from participating in a networking group. Joining or building a network goes a long way towards reducing the sense of isolation that many small business owners feel. You become part of a business community. In addition to exchanging clients and referral sources, you can also benefit from the business experiences of other group members. Learning what has worked and not worked for other business owners is a great advantage to your own business.

You must put in the effort to see the results.  Some people fail to make time for networking events, believing themselves too busy with more important tasks.  However, you must put in the effort to get the rewards. If you are part of a group, then you need to treat group meetings just like you would treat a client meeting.

Networking does not have to be a tedious process that takes up lots of time.  However, it must be part of your regular routine. Networking is a state of mind. It means you are taking the growth of your business seriously and understanding the value that connections can add. Business is based on relationships with customers and suppliers, networking is the glue that binds them together. If you give it as much attention as you give to all those other vital daily tasks, you will see tangible benefits.

Once you start thinking seriously about expanding your network, you'll be amazed at the number of opportunities that arise.

Now...get out there and get connected.

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