New Year's Resolutions

There are so many supposed New Age gurus out there, promising you complete and utter transformation if you buy whatever product they're peddling. But how do they know what you need? Have they ever talked with you? There is not a one size fits all fix it for changing yourself.
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By Becca Freidman, I Am The Coach

New Year's Resolutions

Within the first three hours of the New Year I received no less than 12 emails from different entrepreneurs and motivational gurus beating me over the head with their unasked for advice and suggestions. “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” “How will you improve yourself this year?” “My book/DVDs/power point presentation typically for $300 and now for a limited time, $19.99, will transform your life!” “If you are having trouble with motivation, money, relationships, weight, job, then you need this product!” They loudly promise in bold, size 16, bright red font. Just scroll down the 18 pages, past all the endless testimonials, to my order page with a loophole.

I always wonder when I read these things, ‘Do they know how they’re coming across? Are they aware that their copyrighter is basically spamming everyone on their list?’ How do these people know what I want or need? We’ve never spoken. And while all human beings share the same basic issues: fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of intimacy, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and lack of a prosperity, the underlying reasons vary for each individual.

I’m a forty year old certified Life Coach and Licensed Hypnotist. In the last 5 years, among other things, I’ve been an Office Manager, an AR, a published writer and an Amateur boxer. I’m the mother of two teenage girls and wife to a really good man. At age 35, however, life was a different story. I was a terrified recluse. My self-esteem had plummeted to below zero. I wouldn’t leave the house unless I had a specific reason: errands, groceries, picking up the kids. If saw the mailman coming around the corner, I stayed away from the windows so he couldn’t see me. The unknown felt overwhelming and just getting out of bed felt like an enormous challenge. (For the whole story, you can read my eBook: How I Went From Being Fat, Miserable and Unemployed to Being a Happy, Employed, Amateur Boxer! at Finally, I said: Enough! I knew this wasn’t who I truly was or who I wanted to be and I began the long, painful journey of working through all the emotional baggage that was holding me back from what I truly wanted to do with my life.

My life is totally different now. I am happy. No matter what is going on around me, I have a steady sense of joy within. So, if you’re feeling stuck in life, like you don’t know where you want to be but you don’t like where you are. Or you know where you want to be but you’re not sure how to get there, then give me a call and we can set up a free consultation. Let’s talk! www.IAmThe

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