B.I. Survivor Inspired Me With All Her Self-Confidence.

A woman who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in the 1970's lives a functional life and coaches others who have disabilities
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By Lori Faitel, Brain Injury Survivor, LLC

B.I. Survivor Inspired Me With All Her Self-Confidence.

I spent some time with another B.I. Survivor today; she inspired me with all her self-confidence.

I have been a personal friend of this lady, since last fall. Her name is Nancy. Nancy is a B.I. Survivor from the 1970’s. She suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury before medicine knew much about brain functioning and brain rehabilitation. Nancy lived through a brain stem injury, OMG!

Everything I had ever been told about my brain injury was how I lived because I had no damage to my brain stem. Nancy is truly amazing. She must have done very much of her recuperation and the recreation of self with out muca limited amount of professional assistance. Nancy has a great head on her shoulders today. Both physically and mentally?

As I spent time with her today I saw how truly strong and personally confident she is. Nancy is in the beginning stages of working with Doctors and Health Care Professionals to create a business! I dream of building my business, I pray and do what I can to get backing from professionals, yet Nancy seems to just imagine it and it happens.

Nancy calls herself a Disability Life Coach. When speaking to her about my personal difficulties and frustrations she is forever supportive. Reality in coaching, has been the strong point in Nancy’s presentation. She doesn’t bring my personal disability or inability out; rather when she notices that I have compensated, she applauds me.

One of the most comfortable things about spending time and talking with Nancy is that she never uses language saying “you”, “should”,“do this” and “don’t do that”, when she hears something in our conversation that is good she highlights the positive. Nancy talks about capitalizing on powers vs. pity over weaknesses.

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