Slim Down Your Budget While Growing a Baby

Don't wait to grow your savings account before growing a baby. Read on for tips on how to save money while pregnant and growing your family.
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Updated on September 13, 2010
By Nichole Kuechle, My Healthy Beginning

Slim Down Your Budget While Growing a Baby

So many of us “wait” to have that first baby until we have a certain amount of money in savings or until school loans are paid off or until we have a bigger house. Whatever the reason, I see that most often those are superficial reasons and if we “wait” for these things to happen, that baby doesn’t come!

Moms are in super research mode when pregnant, especially with the first baby. This often finds us trying to figure out how to have a healthy pregnancy and birth experience while saving money and greening up their lives at the same time. Nothing like putting a few of the most stressful tasks in life into one nine month time frame, right? If you’re like me, you work better under pressure and move a handful of these off the table before baby’s arrival. There are a few things you can do to slim down the budget while growing your baby that will also be of benefit during the life of your growing child.

o Start a compost bin to rid the amount of garbage you go through. This will eliminate some of your waste removal bill, and most companies now have a compost option for only around $5/month.

o Start a garden, purchase a CSA share or shop the farmer’s market for produce, which will save you a bundle with your newer healthier lifestyle.

o Buy food in bulk. Not only is this better for your health, but your pocketbook will also appreciate it.

o Grocery shop with a list and stick to it. You will then avoid impulse shopping or shopping “just because”. You’ll always know what’s in the fridge/pantry and nothing will go to waste.

o Implement the use of non-toxic household cleaning products. Simply using organic white vinegar and water on windows, floors and most surfaces takes care of the big stuff for pennies on the dollar compared to some non-toxic products.

o Get to know your local consignment, thrift and goodwill stores. You can often find new and always gently used clothing and household items in these locations. Why buy a new maternity wardrobe for a nine month timeframe when you can purchase a handful of great items on consignment?

o If you’re a healthy, low risk mom, seek the option of a home or birth center birth. The out of pocket price is still less than what you’ll pay your insurance company or a hospital birth and is the safest route to go.

Simply implementing a few of these tips will help to ease the pain of your pocketbook while you take on the many new responsibilities having a baby bring on.

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