Coaching the New Mother

Being a new mom is below for strategies I use when coaching new moms.
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By Nichole Kuechle, My Healthy Beginning

Coaching the New Mother

New moms are often in the space of just getting by for the first few months. Some moms get an itch shortly thereafter to jump back into life as they knew it. So they do. Then, they find life is not at all as they knew it and resentment can sometimes follow suit.

The ebb and flow of emotions we experience is nothing short of your over the top amusement park rollercoaster ride. Amid the warm-fuzzy let downs you have by simply gazing at the warm bundle in your arms, you may also be in a total sweat and holding back tears as you stand in line at Target while your baby is crying with mustard colored poop leaking down his/her leg. It’s just a normal day of your new life, right?

Typically new moms are trying fervently to balance life with a baby while also considering whether to return to the work force and how to manage life with one income. Don’t forget that they are also trying to remember who they were just a mere three months ago. Now, evenings out with girlfriends or having friends in for coffee is a great way to beat the ongoing banter in your head if you are a new mom looking for mama time. But you may be seeking the wrong kind of support from your friends when what you might benefit from is working with a coach.

4 ways I support my clients with coaching:

•Create strategies to help you make the best decisions for you and your family

•Encourage you to invent your own life

•Offer framework for establishing a harmonic home rhythm to allow for deep connection to family and an increased sense of peace

•Guidance in how to maintain focus

Working toward your goals with a coach is immensely gratifying. I couldn’t say that if I didn’t work with a coach myself…I only wish I had had one in my early new mothering days!

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