Lifestyle Coaching: Go Ahead. Choose Happy.

Goal setting and moving in the right direction with humor. Choose Happy and make your goals come to life.
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By , Feeling Absolutely Fabulous LLC

Lifestyle Coaching: Go Ahead. Choose Happy.

Do you have a goal you are not fulfilling or a dream that seems to be so remote that you can’t see how to get there?

What is holding you back from ‘just doing it?’

What will it take for you to step towards that goal today?

If you can’t take a step, at least lift your head and look in the right direction. And then, before you know it you will be on the way to ‘just do it!’

A few years back I went to see a psychic medium (one of the things I like to treat myself to a couple of times each year.) She was amazing and told me lots of fun and yummy things. But one of the things she told me has always stuck with me.

She told me that I have wings in my aura (not uncommon, by the way) but that my wings were uncommon in that they aren’t coming out from my back like a classic angel image. My wings are under my arms, like the god Nike.

The psychic medium pondered for a moment, looked at me intently and then said ‘Just do it!’

The message was that I’m a ‘just do it’ person, which was very funny because my kids knew I’d had enough messing around when I said ‘Nike!!!’ Telling the kids ‘Nike’ meant no more chat, no more discussion, no more arguing…just do it!

So, what holding you back? How do you change to ‘just do it!’

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the things that can help you move forward is look in the right direction. Once facing the right way, you can see action steps to take. Not clear? Here’s an example:

Let’s say your biggest dream is to teach underwater snorkeling in Portugal. One thing that would definitely have you looking in the right direction is to get hold of a map and find out where Portugal is on the planet.

Okay, you are now looking in the right direction. What next?

Well, perhaps it might be a good idea to learn to snorkel. Gotta start somewhere. Then you can always learn the language of your new chosen country. You might take a class in teaching, as your goal is to teach. You can learn about Portugal. Learn about snorkeling. Learn about teaching.

On the way to your dream, you may find that you don’t fancy Portugal anymore and start looking at Maui as an option. Or you decide scuba-diving would be more fun than snorkeling. Or you meet a fab new life-partner at language class and you go on a fantastic trip to Portugal together and open a bed and breakfast.

or…you pick some!
‘Just do it’ … decide to Choose Happy today and follow your dreams. Dreams can only grow when you nurture them.

I’d love the opportunity to help you get started. Book yourself a Tea for Two with me. It’s 15 minutes of free, fun and fabulocity as we get you turned in the right direction and started on the way to Choose Happy.

As I said to my kids ‘Nike!’

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