Life Coaching: Reaching Your Potential

What is stopping you from achieving your heart's desire? What if you could raise your level by identifying your specific weighted sand bags
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Updated on August 26, 2014
By , Bella Well Lifestyles for Shaklee Corp

Life Coaching: Reaching Your Potential

Are you trying to raise your level? Fly high? Soar with the Eagles, as they say? But still can’t get your “Basket” (attached to that hot air balloon) off the ground? That seems to be all too common for those people who have desires toward high achievement and just can’t find the “code” to making “it” work.

I work with men and women on a daily basis who have some pretty high Dreams, but seem to get discouraged easily when what they “thought “ would happen, just doesn’t.

Let’s think about this in an analogy sort of way. You have jumped on the Hot Air Balloon ride to success and have tried things people have told you to try as well as try thing you “think” might work, and nothing helps you even get that big balloon off the ground. Is it because you haven’t pulled the lever that gives more heat? No, you’ve done that in the way of doing “stuff” that you think might work and the “stuff” you were told to do. What keeps the balloon from going in the air? The sand bags, the things that hang along the side, which hold the balloon down and keep it from ascending into the air. The Sand bags which needed to be dropped off the side in order for the balloon to ascend.

My question to you is: What is in your Sandbags and how many do you have? Do your sandbags have names? Is there something that keeps you from releasing them?

Could it be a FEAR of success or FEAR of Failure?

What about SELF –Doubt? Perhaps a vision just not strong enough to drive you towards what you really desire. A doubt that would say to yourself….. I’ll do all this work, and it won’t be there for me anyway or it won’t be the way I wanted it. OR to you say to yourself, “nothing ever goes my way anyway”

Do you think you don’t know enough? Is there a lack of knowledge, inferiority, not enough expertise, or are you afraid to hear the word NO? Have you built some EXCUSES which would allow your mind to justify why you can’t? Not enough time, not enough people, friends, the kids, the husband? When in reality, none of these are actually problems, just something you created in your mind. A protection to justify why you aren’t moving upward.

What will “they “think? What will they think of me as a person?

Your balloon can soar….. but you keep holding on to the sandbags that keep you on the ground. When will you give yourself the permission to let them go? Which one will you feel safe enough to let drop to the ground first? As it raises slightly, and you begin to feel the lightness and fun, you’ll have the courage to drop a few more.
Know this, You really have nothing to risk… you are already on the ground.
Depending how you look at it, you actually have whole lot to lose.
I’ve heard if from trusted sources that there is a whole view from only 20 feet in the air. You don’t have to go above the tallest mountain, why not start with the tallest tree.

Here is my question. Which Sand bag are you going to drop first?

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