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How Much Do Contractor Leads Cost?

Contractor leads usually cost between $10 and $50 per lead. However, contractor lead pricing can vary significantly based on the type of work requested and the quality of the lead. Keep reading below to learn what factors may impact the cost.

Updated: 10/24/2018

Contractor lead prices are going to depend on 1) the lead generation service you are buying from, 2) the type of lead you’re buying, and 3) where the job is located. In general, prices will be higher in major metropolitan areas where there is more competition. Also, many lead generation companies will sell leads to multiple contractors. Leads from these services usually cost less than exclusive leads.

Contractor Lead Pricing by Industry

Prices will vary significantly based on the type of leads you are interested in. We have listed some average lead prices here. These are not guaranteed prices, but averages and/or ballpark estimates.

Handyman Leads: $10-30 per lead

Electricial Contractor Leads: $10-45 per lead

Drywall Contractor Leads $10-60 per lead

Flooring Contractor Leads: $10 - 40 per lead

Handyman Contractors Leads: $10-30 per lead

Remodeling Contractor Leads: $10-75 per lead

Siding Contractor Leads: $25-60 per lead

Roofing Contractor Leads: $15-85 per lead

Carpentry Contractor Leads: $10-75 per lead

HVAC Contractor Leads: $12 to $150 per lead

Landscaping Contractor Leads: $10 to $50 per lead

Plumbing Contractor Leads: $10-50 per lead

Solar Contractor Leads: $20-110 per lead

Concrete Contractor Leads: $15 to $70 per lead

Tree Contractor Leads: $10 - 45 per lead

Last Updated: October 24, 2018

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