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How Much Do Tree Service Leads Cost?

Most tree services can expect to spend between $10 to $45 per lead. Tree trimming leads and tree removal leads may be priced differently.

Updated: 10/22/2018

Tree Lead Pricing

Tree service lead prices will vary based on the 1) who you buy the lead from, 2) the type of job it’s for, and 3) your geographic location. Lead generation companies may charge more for leads in very competitive markets. As a general rule, the higher the cost of the project, the more expensive the lead. A lead on a $10,000 tree removal job will be more expensive than a few hours of tree trimming services.

Sample Lead Prices

Here are some examples of how much tree service leads typically cost:

1. Residential Tree Removal Leads: $18 to $29 per lead

2. Commercial Tree Removal Leads: $25 to $49 per lead

3. Stump Grinding & Removal Leads: $15 to $32 per lead

4. Tree Trimming & Pruning Leads: $12 to $38 per lead

5. Shrub & Bush Removal Leads: $10 to $23 per lead

6. Tree Spraying Leads: $11 to $37 per lead

Updated: October 22, 2018

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