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30 Clever Tree Company Name Ideas

Updated: 09/03/2019

30 Tree Business Name Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are some good tree company names. Don’t take this process too seriously. Make it fun! It helps to include your family and friends in the decision making process.

1. Big Mike's Tree Service

2. Seattle Stump Removal

3. Smith Brothers Tree Care

4. Tennessee Tree Trimming

5. Tim the Tree Guy

6. Ocean Avenue Arborists

7. Elite Tree Surgeons

8. Ace's Tree Removal

9. Northwest Tree Care, Inc.

10. AJ's Affordable Tree Removal

11. Majorie's Trees

12. The Pruning Experts, LLC

13. The Palm Tree Pros

14. Lake Braddock Landscaping Solutions

15. JK Lawn & Tree

16. Main St. Stump Grinders

17. A Cut Above Tree Trimmers

18. Larry's Local Tree Service

19. Loudoun County Tree & Shrub

20. The Tree Docs

21. Thomas & Sons Tree Removal

22. Ocean City Trees

23. Alabama Land Clearing Associates

24. Hometown Tree Service

25. Premiere Tree Services of Michigan

26. City Limits Tree Co.

27. Lopez Landscaping + Tree Maintenance

28. Arlington Tree Experts

29. Mark's 24 Hour Tree Service

30. Timberlake Tree Care Inc.

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Naming Your Tree Care Business

What's your specialty? The name of your tree company should highlight your strengths. What do you do best? What separates you from other companies? What is your unique selling position? If you're a certified arborist, you may want to include the word "Arborist" in the name of your company. If you specialize in tree surgery, including the word "surgeon" or "surgery" may be a good idea. If you only do stump grinding, your business name should make that very clear. If you do a little bit of everything, "tree care" or "tree service" can be good options.

Is the name unique? Your tree service should have a unique identity. You don't want anyone to hire another local tree service instead of your business because the names were too similar. Before settling on a name, make sure to do some online research on other local tree care companies.

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Does it have a nice ring to it? Be creative! Don't be afraid to have a sense of humor. Your tree service name can be clever, catchy, or just funny. People are more likely to remember a name that puts a smile on their face.

Marketing for Tree Services

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