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How Much Do Electrician Leads Cost?

Most electrical leads cost between $10 and $45 a piece. The cost of each electrical lead depends on a few different variables.

Electricians should expect to spend between $10 and $45 for each electrical job lead. The cost of each siding lead will depend on a few variables, including:

1) The type of service requested
While one customer may just need a ceiling fan installed, another may be looking to replace their home's knob and tube wiring. The value of these leads is very different and this will be reflected in the lead price. The higher the estimated cost of the job, the higher the price of the electrical lead.

2) The zip codes you want work in
Your geographic service area may also impact the cost of each lead. Lead prices are usually higher in competitive, metropolitan areas. If there is demand for leads and limited supply, prices will increase. If you are willing to drive a little further out, you may be able to generate more leads at a slightly lower price.

3) The quality of the lead
Not all leads are created equal. High-quality leads are often verified over the phone before they are sent to your inbox or cell phone. The company has taken extra steps to confirm the customer is actually interested in hiring an electrician for their project. Additionally, exclusive leads (which are only sold to one contractor) typically have a higher value than shared leads. Shared leads are generally more cost-effective, but you may have to compete with 1 or 2 other contractors for the job.

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