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Electrician Leads: Job Leads for Electrical Contractors

Updated: 05/15/2018

Free Electrician Leads

Electricians are always looking for new leads. There's really nothing better than a good lead. Well, maybe there's one thing that's better. How about free leads!

That's right! If you are looking for free electrical leads, you have come to the right place. ProMatcher gives away free leads. We do not charge our members for any leads that come in through their company profile or directory listing. Those leads will always be yours to keep for free! It is easy to get started. Join ProMatcher today and learn how you can get free leads.

Job Leads for Electricians

Our goal is to help professionals in the electrical industry find new leads and win more jobs. Obviously we are a little bit biased, but we think we have the best lead service for electricians. Every lead is free! However, we understand that it's important to diversify your marketing approach. If we cannot generate enough job leads for your business, we would love to introduce to some of the best lead generation services for electricians.

Sample electrical work job leads:

1. Installing a light switch or outlet
2. Upgrading an electrical panel
3. Installing a ceiling fan or light fixture
4. Rewiring a home
5. Installing an electric vehicle charging station
6. Repairing a generator
7. Installing a lightning rod
8. Installing wiring for a remodel or home addition
9. Putting in a phone line
10. Replacing outdoor lighting

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Commercial Electrical Leads

Many electricians are working in very competitive markets. It can be difficult to find work or even bid on new jobs. If the residential market is oversaturated, you may want to seek out more commercial electrical work. Hospitals, restaurants, colleges, stores, hotels, and office buildings all need electrical services too.

Carving out a niche for your business may be incredibly helpful. People are looking for specialists. You may be able to generate more leads by working to attract commercial clients to your electrical business. If you are unsuccessful, we may be able to help. We have found some companies that sell commercial electrical leads to qualified electricians.

Create your free ProMatcher account today and we just might be able to help you get some commercial leads.

Lead Generation Companies for Electricians

If you are not getting enough leads from your ProMatcher profile, we can introduce you to some electrical lead generation services. Purchasing electrical contract leads can be a great way to get your name out there and bid on more local jobs. We've partnered with some of the leading services for electricians. Join ProMatcher today and we can put you in touch with the right people. You can start getting leads tomorrow if you're lucky.

Many electricians are skeptical about buying leads. We understand that. Many of these websites look very similar. It can be hard to tell the difference between each one. Our goal is to make it easier for every electrician to choose the right lead provider.

Find out how you can buy leads for electrical work

If you decide that purchasing leads is the right choice for your business, you will have several different options. Pay-per-lead, pay-per-appointment, and pay-per-call are some of the most popular pricing models. You can learn more about each strategy by signing up for ProMatcher right now.

Electrician Leads Near You

Finding leads is one thing. Finding the right electrical leads is another story. You only want leads for the exact services you provide - in a very specific geographic area. Generating the right leads is a difficult process that takes a lot of work. Many electricians just don't have the time to do this on their own.

That's the best part about buying leads. They do the heavy lifting for you. Once you receive the lead via phone or email, all you need to do is call the customer. It's then on you to schedule a time to meet and provide a quote for the job. If you are confident in your ability to close the sale, you should be very successful.

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How Much Do Electrical Leads Cost?

Electrical leads are usually priced according to the estimated value of the job. Leads for a $200 job will be much more affordable than a lead for a $3,000 project. Most electricians can expect to spend about $10 and $45 per lead. The cost may vary based on the type of service requested and the areas you work in.

Electrical lead generation services may have different pricing models. While "pay per lead" is one of the most popular options, there are also "pay per appointment" and "pay per call" services available. Join ProMatcher and compare strategies to determine what might work best for your electrical business.

How to Get Leads for Your Electrical Business

The best way to get more local customers is to provide a reliable service. Be someone that people can count on and trust. If you do this, your satisfied customers will become your most valuable salespeople. When a friend or neighbor asks if they know an electrician, they won't hesitate to recommend you. If you are able to generate referral business this way, your electrical company will succeed!

Unfortunately, it can take time to build up a loyal customer base - especially if you are just starting out. If you need to jumpstart your company's marketing efforts, we can help! Use ProMatcher to find the right marketing strategy for your electrical contracting business. There are so many different ways to grow your company, increase revenue, and make more money.

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