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12 Great Marketing Ideas to Help Electricians Find More Work

Updated: 11/01/2018

1. Place an ad in the yellow pages

No doubt about it, print advertising’s efficiency is declining. Yet, if you operate in a smaller market instead of a major city, it might still be a worthwhile investment for your electrical business. People who are 55 and older, as well as people who live in more rural areas, are still likely to turn to the yellow pages when their lights go out or their homes need rewiring. Give it a try, but make sure to track the leads the ad generates so you can cancel if it’s not producing great results. Need more leads? ProMatcher can help! Join for free today and find marketing ideas for electricians that can help grow your business.

2. Invest in custom vehicle wraps

Vehicle advertising with custom wraps or decals works well for electrical companies of all sizes. Vehicle wraps typically have a pretty solid rate of return too! Every time you take one of your vehicles on a service call, hundreds (if not thousands) of people will be exposed to your brand. Make your design electric with bold colors and an original logo that help future clients easily identify your brand.

3. Try advertising on TV

If you own a large electrical business that covers an entire metro area, you probably have a more substantial advertising budget to work with. That means you may be able to afford to running an ad on TV. Television ads allow you to reach a large number of prospects in one area. Keep in mind when calculating the cost of TV advertising, it's just not about airtime. You also need to think about the cost of producing the commercial itself.

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4. Advertise on the radio

Maybe your electrical business is a more modest size. In that case, advertising on the radio is probably a more affordable option. Radio still lets you reach a lot of potential customers and since it costs less than TV, you may actually be able to afford more spots.

5. Take advantage of PPC

If print advertising is waning, digital advertising is on the rise, which means now is a great time to run a pay-per-click marketing campaign. PPC lets you bid on keywords so that users searching for terms like “emergency electrician” or “local electrician” will see your ads and potentially hire your business! Google Adwords is particularly popular for PPC and will run your ads not just on their search result pages but also on private websites. Do some research before you start to try to determine which keywords will be most effective.

6. Use SEO to improve your electrical business’ online rankings

PPC isn’t the only way to get your electrical business noticed online. In addition to paid advertisements, organically appearing in online search results is a great way to get discovered by new customers in your area. There are many great how-to guides online as well as plenty of for-hire consultants. The best way to get started on your own is by optimizing your website. Be sure to include a contact page that includes your name, address, and phone number. Join ProMatcher today and find new marketing strategies for your electrical contracting business.

7. Deliver first-rate customer service

Generating leads takes a lot of time and effort, which is why the best type of customers are the ones you already have! If your electrical business charges fair prices and does good work, you should be able to build up a strong base of loyal customers. These customers will not only rely on your company for all their electrical needs, but they’ll also recommend you to their friends.

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8. Run a sales promotion

There’s a reason Black Friday shopping is so popular every year—people love sales! One way to entice new customers to give your services a try is by offering a deal like 10% off their first appointment or $50 off light fixture installation. Define your goals before you start the promotion and determine the best place to advertise it. Set clear start and end dates so that people know they have only a limited time to take advantage of the offer.

9. Refresh your website

If your website looks too dated, customers won’t take your electrical business seriously and it may be time for an update. This is a good time to standardize the look of your brand. You want your website’s overall appearance to match your vehicles, business cards, uniforms, and other marketing materials. Work with a graphic designer to come up with a unique logo. This is also the time to optimize your website for SEO if you haven’t already.

10. Create lasting relationships

Building strong relationships with other professionals in your industry like facilities managers, architects, and contractors can be a real boon to your business. When you work on a job, take time to get to know these people and create a genuine link with them. If you do, they will be more likely to hire you on their future jobs and refer you to their associates.

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11. Build your credibility using online reviews

Electrical issues are no joke and customers want to know they can trust your company to do a great job. That’s why positive online reviews can be especially valuable for electricians like you. Begin by claiming your online listings on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Then encourage customers to leave a review at the end of each job. Include a review section on your website and showcase the ones you’re most proud of.

12. Hand out brochures

When you’re meeting potential customers in person, it can be helpful to have some printed marketing materials ready to go. Print out brochures that showcase your services with both words and relevant photos. The brochures should look professional, so if you’ve got any doubts about your design abilities, hire a professional. You should also have a digital version available for download on your website.

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