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How Much Do Solar Leads Cost?

Solar lead prices usually range from $20 to $110 per lead. The cost of each lead may vary depending on the 1) requested service (installation, repair, etc.), 2) your geographic service area, and 3) the quality of the lead.

Updated: 11/20/2018

Solar Lead Pricing

Residential solar panel installation leads: $40 to $70 per lead

Residential solar panel repair leads: $15 to $38 per lead

Commercial solar panel installation leads: $65 to $125 per lead

Commercial solar panel repair leads: $28 to $51 per lead

Are Solar Leads Worth the Cost?

Honestly, it really depends on your solar company’s unique situation. If you buy 20 leads – how many do you think you will be able to close? You want to make sure the numbers works out in your favor. Are you confident in your ability to win these jobs? If you have a stellar sales team, working with a solar lead generation company may be the right option for your business.

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1. Your geographic location may impact solar lead prices. Do you live in a competitive market where there are many solar companies competing for leads? If so, the cost of each solar lead may be higher.

2. Commercial solar leads are usually more expensive. Residential solar leads may be more affordable. The cost of the lead is often a direct reflection of the estimated cost of the job.

3. Exclusive solar leads can be pricey! An exclusive lead is only sold to one solar panel installer. This means your chances of winning the job are usually much higher. If exclusive leads are not in the budget, shared leads are usually more affordable. Shared leads are sold to multiple solar contractors. This gives each customer a chance to compare quotes from multiple contractors.

4. Not all solar leads are created equal. There are many solar lead generation companies. Before buying a single lead, make sure that you are working with a reputable company. What happens if you get a bad lead? Do you have to sign a long-term contract? How do you they validate each lead?

5. Buying solar leads can save you time, and time is money! Your time is valuable. You should spend your time doing what you do best. In this case, it’s probably installing solar panels! By purchasing solar leads, you can spend more time working and less time drumming up new business.

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Last Updated: November 20, 2018

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