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44 Great Name Ideas for Your Solar Business

Updated: 10/23/2018

Naming your solar company is one of the most important steps of setting up a new business. Choosing the right name can help you get your solar business off the ground faster than ever. We've put together this list to help you come up with a great name for your solar energy company.

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Our List of Solar Company Name Ideas

We've compiled this list of business name suggestions to get you started. Get inspired! If you're having trouble starting from scratch, you can put your own spin on one of the names listed below.

1. PHX Solar Panels

2. Arlington County Solar

3. Pittsburgh Solar Homes

4. Solar Installed by Sal

5. Northern Virginia Solar Associates

6. Montgomery Solar Systems

7. Ashburn Solar Enterprises

8. Fredrick Family Solar

9. Superior Solar Solutions

10. Memphis Solar Consultants

11. Priority Solar of Asheville

12. Champion Solar Energy, Inc.

13. Blue Creek Solar Repair

14. Old Dominion Solar Partners

15. 305Solar Homes

16. Rostram Residential Solar

17. Kendrick Solar Innovations

18. Murphy Clean Energy Solutions

19. Sacramento Commercial Solar

20. P & G Preferred Solar

21. Sterling Solar Contracting

22. Northwest Arkansas Solar Group

23. SunshineSolar Co.

24. Sebastian Solar Designs

25. Tenafly Solar Decisions

26. The Solar Brothers

27. Middlebury Modern Solar

28. Summithill Solar Contractors

29. Premiere Solar Homes of Georgia

30. Full Circle Solar

31. Black Diamond Solar Roofing

32. Cobalt Solar Technologies

33. Singular Solar Integration

34. Huntington Beach Solar Supply

35. Peachtree Solar Installation

36. Greensboro Solar MD

37. Off the Grid Solar Systems

38. Paul & Sons Solar Panels

39. Spectrum Roofing & Solar

40. Affordable Sustainability Solutions

41. PJ Electric + Solar Professionals

42. Max Voltage Solar

43. Crystal City Clean Energy

44. Riverside Solar Services

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Quick Tips for Choosing a Name

1. Make it obvious that you are in the solar business. Eliminate the guesswork! The easiest way to do this is to include the word "Solar" in the name of your business. If you also provide additional services (such as roofing or electrical), you may also want to include those keywords in your solar company name.

2. Keep it short! Your company name does not need to be much longer than 3-4 words long. Anything longer than 5 words may be too long. Your company name should be easy for customers to recall and remember.

3. Your company name should also be unique to your business. What does this mean? If you do a Google search for your new company name, what else comes up? Are there other companies out there with similar names? Would it be easy for someone to confuse your solar business with another local company? If possible, you want to avoid situations like this. You could accidentally be losing business this way.

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