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How Much Do Carpentry Leads Cost?

As general rule, carpentry lead typically range in price from $10 to $75 per lead. The cost of each individual lead will depend on the nature of the carpentry project, as well as the job site location.

Updated: 09/18/2018

Carpentry Lead Prices

How much should carpenters pay for leads? Carpentry leads range in price from $10 to $75. Lead prices will vary depending on the type of service requested and the location of the job. The lead price is usually a direct reflection of the estimated cost of the job. The higher the estimated cost of the potential job, the higher the price of the lead.

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Carpentry Lead Types

Carpenters can perform a number of different tasks. You can decide what specific types of leads you are interested in purchasing. For example, carpenters may be looking to buy leads for:

1. Trim and crown molding jobs

2. House framing jobs

3. Custom furniture jobs

4. Deck, patio, and porch construction jobs

5. Custom cabinet job leads

As a general rule, a lead for a $20,000 wood deck project is going to cost more than a lead for a $1,500 crown molding installation job.

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Exclusive Carpentry Leads

Exclusive leads are only sold to one carpenter. That means you will have the exclusive rights to that prospect's service request. For this reason, exclusive carpentry leads are incredibly valuable. Many carpenters are willing to pay premium prices for these higher quality leads.

If exclusive leads are out of your budget, shared leads can be a great option too! Shared leads are sometimes sold to more than one carpenter. This allows the customer to compare quotes and choose the right carpenter for their unique project.


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