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21 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Cabinet Shop

Updated: 10/24/2018

1. Go above and beyond for your customers

Great customer service is one of the easiest ways to bring in new business (particularly referrals). You want to be known as someone who delivers a quality product at a fair price. If you’re only doing the bare minimum, it’s going to be very difficult to generate positive word-of-mouth around town.

2. Work to find your niche

Carving out a niche for your business can be very beneficial to your cabinet company. Doing just one thing very well can be a huge asset to your business. Do you specialize in commercial cabinetry? Do you only work with contractors? Does your cabinet shop provide everything from design to install?

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3. Build a user-friendly website

If you want to grow your business and sell more cabinets, you need to be online. Don’t worry about hiring a web designer. You can do it yourself using a pre-made template or an easy-to-use website builder. Many of these platforms only cost a few dollars per month.

4. Ask people how they found your business

Did the customer’s home builder recommend you? Did they find you online? Did they see your ad in the Yellow Pages? It’s important to keep track of this information. You want to know exactly what marketing strategies are working for your cabinet business.

5. Pay for cabinet leads

Lead generation services sell leads for 1) cabinet fabrication, 2) kitchen cabinet installation, 3) bathroom cabinet installation, 4) kitchen remodeling, 5) cabinet refacing, 6) cabinet refinishing, or 7) kitchen design. So whether you make cabinets or just hang them, there’s an option for you. When you purchase a lead, you'll receive the customer's contact information and a short description of the project in an email or text message. While one person may be looking to install custom cabinets in their whole kitchen, another person may want a quote for refacing their cabinets with maple, shaker-style doors.

6. Build relationships with contractors

Custom cabinet builders need to have good relationships with general contractors, home builders, bathroom remodelers, and kitchen designers. These contractors are going to be some of your biggest clients. They can hire you to make and hang cabinets for their own projects and they can recommend you to their clients. When you make a new contact, take them out to lunch or invite them to your workshop. Show them that you do great work so they can feel comfortable referring you.

7. Upgrade your showroom experience

You want to impress every single person that walks in the door of your showroom or storefront location. You should show off a variety of different cabinet materials and configurations. The space should be well-lit and everything should be incredibly clean (including the public restrooms). Your staff should be friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about your products.

8. Claim your spot in online business directories

Joining online directories is a good way to get more visibility for your cabinet company. It can also help drive more traffic to your website. There are many free directories out there (including ProMatcher). Claim your free listing in our Cabinet Contractors Directory today.

9. Take advantage of pay-per-call

Want to bid on more jobs? Try using a pay-per-call marketing service for cabinet makers and installers. The service advertises on your behalf and interested customers can call you directly to get more information. Your job is to have a trained salesperson or customer service rep answer the phone and close the sale.

10. Print new business cards

This is an old school one, but it’s important. Don’t go anywhere without a few business cards. You never know when you’re going to meet your next customer.

11. Offer additional services to your current customers

What else can you sell to your existing customer base? Expanding your service offering is a great way to bring in business. For example, some cabinet makers offer 1) kitchen design services, 2) cabinet refinishing and refacing, or 3) countertop and backsplash installation.

12. Add more cities to your service area

How far are you willing to travel for a job? You may be able to find more work in towns outside of your typical service area.

13. Try PPC advertising

Drive more traffic to your website by setting up a pay-per-click campaign. Make sure to choose keywords that make sense for your business. If you’re a custom cabinet maker, try bidding on “local cabinet making companies”, “top custom cabinet companies”, or “custom cabinet contractors”. You can get even more specific by including the material type of the cabinet. Some people may be looking for "maple cabinet builders" or "oak cabinet installation".

14. Offer referral incentives

Bring in more referral business by offering a prize or incentive to your existing customers. For example, you could offer a $25 gift card to anyone who refers their friend or neighbor to your kitchen cabinet business.

15. Boost your online reputation with customer reviews

Positive customer reviews are incredibly value! You need your past customers to vouch for you. Make it easy for every satisfied customer to find your review profiles and provide some feedback. Highly-rated cabinet shops will attract the most attention on these websites.

16. Hire a professional photographer

Many people will do the bulk of their research at home on the computer. They would rather look at pictures than walk into your showroom. For this reason, you need to have high-quality pictures of your work on your website. Stock images are not going to impress high-end clients.

17. Pay attention to your competitors

Do you keep losing jobs to the same cabinet builder? Try to find out why! Study what marketing strategies other cabinet makers are using. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

18. Stay in touch with your former clients

Don’t lose touch with a customer just because you finished the job. Use email or direct mail to contact these people a few times a year. This will remind them to call you for their next cabinet project.

19. Show off your cabinets at a home and garden show

Renting a booth at home and garden show can be a great way to generate new leads. You can get great local exposure as an exhibitor or a sponsor of the event.

20. Join a professional trade association for cabinet makers

These trade associations often hold national conferences where you can network, learn new skills, and get valuable business advice (specific to the cabinet industry). Before joining, see if there’s a local chapter of the organization in your area. These meetings can be a great place to meet with other local cabinetmakers and exchange ideas.

21. Build relationships with local businesses

It’s also important to have good relationships with businesses outside of the construction industry – especially if your focus is commercial cabinetry. Small business owners like to give their business to other local companies - not the national chains.

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