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39+ Good Carpentry Business Names

Updated: 10/30/2018

Naming Your Carpentry Company

Choosing the right name for your carpentry business is an important decision. Set yourself up for success by selecting a name that really represents your brand and your mission statement. We have put together this article to help you come up with a great name for your carpentry shop.

We've included some examples in the list below to help you get started. Put your own spin on one of the these names or just use these examples to get inspired.

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Carpentry Company Name Examples

DK Carpentry

Premiere Finish Carpentry

JP Jaffe Carpentry Services

Midcity Carpenters

Carpenters of Canyon Valley

Clyde Woodworking Associates

Ally's Custom Carpentry

Coral Gables Cabinets & Carpentry

Blue Acre Carpentry and Construction

Corcoran Family Design Studio

West Springfield Custom Woodworking

Magnolia Carpentry & Framing

Spectrum Custom Furniture

Long Beach Expert Carpenters

Reid Bros. Carpentry Shop

17th Street Woodworking

Cal the Carpenter

Chicago Custom Woodworkers

Bay Area Master Carpentry

Diaz Fine Carpentry

West Palm Woodworking & Design

North Park Custom Moldings

S&P Carpentry Contractors

West Texas Custom Millwork

Louisville Carpentry Pros

Champion Crown Moldings

Big Jay's House Framing

Old Dominion Millworks

Thousand Oaks Wood Shop

Custom Cabinets by Florence

Providence Luxury Finishing

Deluxe Custom Cabinetry

Malibu's Finest Woodworkers

Empire Carpentry + Design Studio

Sarasota General Carpentry

Lakeview Custom Woodworking

AJ Affordable Carpentry, LLC

Red Fox Millwork and Moldings

Dulles Carpentry Solutions

Innovative Design Studio

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Tips for Choosing a Carpentry Business Name

1. Do you like the name? This might seem obvious, but you should really love the name of your business. Don't pick something that you will be sick of in a few years.

2. Could the name easily be confused with another local business? You'll want to make sure your company name is simple but still unique.

3. Is the name easy to spell? Easy to remember? If a customer recommended your carpentry business to a friend, would they be able to recall the name? Would they be able to find your company easily with an online search?

4. Does the name of your company make it obvious that you are a carpenter? Don't make people guess what services you provide.

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