13 Great Marketing Strategies for Every Deck Builder

Updated: 10/25/2018

Are you having a hard time getting the word out about your deck business? Do you need help finding good leads and bringing in new customers? ProMatcher is here to help. We know that running a successful deck construction business is challenging. Our goal is to help you understand the marketing side of the business a little bit more. We want to put you in a position to bid on more jobs, win more work, and steadily grow your deck company.

1. Network and then network some more

There are many different ways to approach networking. While it can be helpful to attend networking events and meetups, those are not the only places that you can meet new people and make new contacts. You could be on the treadmill at the gym or waiting in line at the grocery store. Your job is to be prepared for these encounters! Try to keep a few business cards with you when you are on the go. Knowing the right people can lead to valuable opportunities for your deck business.

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2. Build a strong brand

It's important to create a professional and consistent identity for your deck business. If you don’t have a logo, we can help you out! Logojoy is an affordable logo design service for small businesses. Your logo should be a good visual representation of your company. You can put it on your website, letterhead, business cards, brochures, employee uniforms, and company vehicles. Your company's branding should be easily recognizable, so that your customers remember your business for years to come.

3. Update your company website

Did you know that an outdated or poorly-designed website could actually be hurting your deck company's reputation? It's time to take an honest look in the mirror. How does your website stack up against the competition? Is it time for a re-design?

It's more affordable than ever to set up a sleek, professional website. There are many website building tools out there that even make it easy to do-it-yourself. If you are serious about the long-term success of your deck business, having a strong web presence is key! A well-designed, user-friendly website is an incredible asset to your decking business.

4. Participate in the community

Giving back to your community can be a super effective marketing strategy. Get your name out there! Make your company known to your neighbors and the local business community. You can do this by sponsoring a charity 5K race or volunteering your time with a local organization. Don't forget to post about whatever you do on Facebook or write a blog about it on your own website.

You never know. The story may get picked up by the local media. This type of press coverage is just the icing on the cake!

5. Incentivize referrals

Your current customer base can be a huge asset to your business. It's important to maintain healthy relationships with your clients so they are happy to refer you to their friends and neighbors. When they come across someone who needs a new deck, they will quickly think to recommend your business – especially if there is a reward involved. This could be a small gift card or a discount off any future services.

When someone refers you, they have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Someone they trust already trusts you. It's just up to you to close the sale!

6. Attract new customers with positive online reviews

If someone is about to spend $10,000 on a new deck, they want to be 100% sure that they are hiring a reputable deck builder! Positive online reviews are a great tool to win people over. They help to build trust with the homeowner before they even pick up the phone to call you.

If you do not have any reviews yet, it's time to get some! Start out with Yelp, Google, or Facebook. These are some of the most visited review platforms.

7. Claim your local business listings

Make it easy for people to find your brand online! You can do this by getting listed in important local business directories. For deck contractors, you will want to make sure your business is represented on Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Angie's List, and Google My Business. The more places your company is listed online, the more opportunities you will have to make an impression on prospective customers who are looking to hire a deck contractor.

8. Buy leads from a lead generation company

You can always outsource some of your marketing efforts. You can use a lead generation company that supplies leads to deck contractors. Leads are often categorized by the type of service requested. The most popular deck leads are for 1) deck construction, 2) deck repair, 3) deck cleaning, 4) deck staining and sealing. When you purchase a lead, you'll receive the customer's contact information and a short description of the project in an email or text message. It's then up to you to call the prospective customer and schedule an estimate.

How much do deck leads cost? It's going to depend on a few things. Where is the job located? Is this person looking to build a deck or repair an existing deck? Is this an exclusive lead or shared lead?

9. Expand your service offering

What else can you sell to your existing customer base? Expanding your service offering is a great way to bring in additional business and increase revenue. For example, some deck builders also provide deck staining, pressure washing, or fence repair services.

Simply upselling your existing clients by providing these upgrades and add-on services can be an easy way to grow your business this year.

10. Increase your geographic service area

Are there many deck contractors in your local market? Maybe the local market is oversaturated. This can make it very difficult for you to make a name for yourself. If this is the case, you may have more luck in another market. Are you willing to drive a little further out? Increasing the size of your service area just 10 or 15 miles may open up some new doors for your business. If necessary, you can tack on a "fuel surcharge" to the final bill to account for the extra mileage.

11. Give pay per click advertising a shot

Pay-per-click advertising lets you target a very specific local audience. The ads are relatively easy to set up and manage on your own. If you don't feel comfortable going the DIY route, there are plenty of PPC agencies that are available to help you get started.

When setting up your first campaign, make sure to set a realistic daily budget. If your spending gets out of control, you will not be able to recoup your advertising costs.

12. Use a direct mail service to send postcards

Don't sleep on direct mail! As our email inboxes become increasing filled with junk, our actual mailboxes are actually a little less full.

Sending out a postcard advertisement for your deck business can help you find some new local prospects. It's important to be strategic about your mailing list. If you are looking for high-end clients, think about targeting the neighborhoods where you will find the big houses and fancy cars.

13. Develop a plan

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Have you ever heard that expression?

Marketing and advertising isn't just for big companies. It's just as important (if not more important) for small businesses. However, it's important to make a plan! Determine your budget, set goals, and decide which channels you would like to try this year. Track every lead! Over the course of the year, you will start to see what's working and what is not working.

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