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Marketing for Plumbing Contractors - Questions & Answers

Do I need a website for my plumbing company?
Yes, you need a website. It is your online business card. It is also an excellent marketing tool that you can use to generate leads for your business. This is a great place to showcase your experience and describe the services you provide. When properly presented, the information will help you convert prospective customers into paying customers.
Is SEO important for my plumbing website?
Yes, it is important to have a well-structured and well-designed website with great content. This allows your customers to learn more about your plumbing company. If the primary search engines (Google and Bing) like what you have written, your site could get ranked either nationally or locally. The more visibility you have in the search engines, the more likely you are to get visitors to your site that are interested in your plumbing services.
Can I buy plumbing leads?
Yes, you can join a pay-per-lead advertising program and purchase plumbing leads on a per-lead basis. Typically, you agree to pay a specific amount for each lead type.
Can I Pay for Plumbing Calls or Appointments?
Yes, you can join a pay-per-call advertising program and purchase plumbing calls on a per-call basis.
Is E-Mail Marketing Effective for Plumbing Contractors?
Yes, email marketing is effective for plumbing contractors. However, people are becoming more and more “blind” to email marketing tactics. If you use email marketing, use it sparingly so that your customers are not overwhelmed. When you do contact your customers via email, make sure that you have a very specific purpose. If a customer responds to your email, make sure that you follow up.
Will Direct Mail Help Generate Leads for My Plumbing Business?
Yes, direct mail can help generate leads for your business. However, we feel that direct mail is best used to market to your existing customer base. It helps strengthen your brand and will help improve your word-of-mouth advertising.
Should I Advertise My Plumbing Service in the Yellow Pages?
Good question. Although the yellow pages have seen a sharp decline in the past decade, it is still a powerful resource for many plumbing contractors. This is particularly true in more rural areas where people still refer to their paper books over their mobile phones when it comes time to find a plumber.
Should I Offer Coupons For My Plumbing Services?
Offering coupons and deals is one of the oldest marketing tactics in the book. Who doesn't love getting a good deal? (especially on plumbing)
How Can I Find Plumbing Lead Sites?
You already have! If you are interested in internet marketing for plumbers, ProMatcher will help guide you to some of the best sites and lead programs. Review through the programs we have on our list and select the ones you feel are right for your company.
How Much Do Plumbing Leads Cost?
The cost of plumbing leads varies depending upon 1) the program you buy them from and 2) the type of plumbing lead you buy.
How Much Should I Spend Advertising My Plumbing Business?
It’s up to you! Your advertising budget will depend on the size of your business. A company with 20 employees will usually spend more on advertising than a company with 3 employees. There are also many affordable ways to market your plumbing business. Just printing up a few flyers can be very effective.
How Much Should I Budget to Advertise My Plumbing Business?
Plumbers should budget between 5 and 10% of their gross revenue (or projected revenue) for marketing purposes. Wow, I know, 10% sounds like a lot of money. If you are not ready to be that aggressive, then start by budgeting 5%.

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