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Choosing a Logo for Your Plumbing Business

Updated: 07/24/2018

4 Reasons Your Plumbing Business Might Need a Logo

1. You just opened up shop. If your plumbing business is brand new, you should definitely get a logo. This will help you establish your brand so you can start attracting customers.

2. Your plumbing business moved. It’s an issue if the location included in your logo no longer matches where you do business. You should update your logo to prevent causing any confusion to customers.

3. You changed names. Much like moving, if your plumbing business changed names, you should update your logo. If you don’t, customers will have trouble recognizing your business.

4. You feel like it’s time for an update. Overtime logo styles change and sometimes you need to make some adjustments to stay relevant with customers.

No matter why you need a new logo, ProMatcher can help make it happen! Join ProMatcher today and we can help you start the logo design process.

Plumbing Business Logo Design

The first step in the design process is thinking about what you want your logo to say about your plumbing company.

Are there any colors or fonts that you particularly like?

Do you want to incorporate a company slogan into the logo?

What graphics do you think would represent your business? Many plumbing logos include wrenches, water droplets, pipes, and faucets.

Designing Your Plumbing Logo

There’s actually a lot to think about when you’re designing a logo.

If you opt to hire a professional graphic designer, they can help guide you through the process. They can also produce a high-quality customized logo that’s totally unique to your business. Of course, hiring a designer is probably one of the more expensive logo design options. Review ProMatcher’s Graphic Design Pricing Guide to get a better idea of how much that might cost.

A new logo is an investment that your plumbing business will use for years to come. However, hiring a local designer might just not be in your budget right now. If that’s the case, you still have plenty of other options like doing it yourself or hosting a logo design contest.

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