Can I Pay for Plumbing Calls or Appointments? | ProMatcher

Can I Pay for Plumbing Calls or Appointments?

Yes, you can join a pay-per-call advertising program and purchase plumbing calls on a per-call basis.

Updated: 12/13/2017

Typically, you agree to pay a specific amount for each call type. For instance, calls may fall into different call types such as 1) repairing a main water line, 2) repairing a leaky toilet, 3) installing a bathtub, 4) fixing a water valve, 5) unclogging a sewer line, or 6) plumbing for a new home. Each call type is sold to you at a slightly different price. For example, a lead for repairing a leaky toilet would likely cost you less than a lead for plumbing a new house.

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