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Can I Buy Plumbing Leads?

Yes, you can join a pay-per-lead advertising program and purchase plumbing leads on a per-lead basis. Typically, you agree to pay a specific amount for each lead type.

Updated: 04/25/2018

Plumbing Lead Types
Plumbing leads may fall into several different categories. Here's a list of some example plumbing jobs:

1) Unclogging a sink or tub
2) Repairing a leaky faucet
3) Installing a toilet
4) Replacing a garbage disposal
5) Re-plumbing or repiping a house,
6) Installing plumbing for a new home addition
7) Putting in a sump pump
8) Installing a gas line
9) Installing a water softener
10) Repairing a water main

Each of these plumbing leads may be sold to you for a slightly different price. For instance, a lead for installing a toilet would likely cost less than a lead for re-plumbing an entire house. The cost of the lead is often a reflection of the estimated cost of the job. The more expensive the project, the more expensive the lead.

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