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About Networx

Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Marketing Services Offered: Monthly lead subscription, Directory listings

Pros Served: Home services professionals (including home improvement contractors, handymen, plumbers, painters, and fence builders)

More About Networx: Networx is a lead generation company that matches consumers with home services professionals. Their goal is to help home contractors generate new business and win more jobs.

Networx only sells leads to eligible contractors. Before you can purchase leads, they will need to verify your state licensing information. They may also make a few reference calls to your past customers.

Networx Questions & Answers

How does Networx work?

Networx helps homeowners find local home improvement contractors online. The homeowner provides a short project description and Networx works to find a local contractor to complete the job.

If a service request matches the contractor’s lead preferences and service area, the lead details and contact information will be sent to the contractor by text or email. It’s then up to the contractor to follow up on the lead and try to close the sale.

Each contractor plays a flat monthly fee in exchange for access to Networx’s supply of leads. The lead volume varies each month – based on the number of consumer service requests.

Do I have control over the leads I receive?

Each contractor can decide what type of leads they would like to receive. The number of leads you receive will vary from month to month.

How much do Networx leads cost?

Networx does not charge on a “pay-per-lead” basis. They charge a flat monthly fee for access to any leads that may match your service type and zip code preferences.
There are no registration or cancellation fees.

How do I join Networx?

All you need to do is click the button below. We will connect you with a Networx representative.