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How Much Do HVAC Leads Cost?

HVAC contractor leads can cost anywhere from $12 to over $150 per lead. Lead prices may vary based on 1) your geographic location and 2) the service requested.

Updated: 06/28/2019

Most HVAC leads cost between $12 and $75. However, prices may be as a high as $150 per lead for larger HVAC job leads.

Types of HVAC Leads

There are many different types of HVAC leads. They are often categorized by the type of service requested. Prices for each lead by vary based on the service that the customer needs. Leads may include:

1) Furnace installation leads

2) Furnace repair or service leads

3) Air-conditioner installation leads

4) Air-conditioner repair leads

5) Window A/C installation leads

6) Heat pump installation leads

7) Heat pump service leads

8) Duct & vent installation leads

9) Boiler installation leads

10) Water heater installation leads

11) Thermostat installation leads

12) Swamp cooler installation and replacement leads

13) Duct cleaning leads

HVAC Lead Pricing Models

There are several different ways to pay for HVAC leads. If you sign-up with a pay per lead program, you will pay a fixed price for each lead they send you. If you sign-up with a pay per call service, you will be charged a flat fee for every incoming call they send your way. If you use a lead subscription service, you pay a flat monthly fee for as many leads as they can generate in that month.

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Commercial HVAC Leads

As a general rule, commercial HVAC leads are going to be more expensive than residential leads. The cost of the lead is usually relative to the estimated cost of the job.

Exclusive HVAC Leads

These are considered the "cream of the crop". Exclusive leads - leads that are only sold to one contractor - are priced higher than shared leads. Shared leads are leads that are sold to more than one company. This way the customer has a chance to compare several quotes before deciding which contractor to hire. A shared HVAC lead can cost anywhere from $12 to $80. An exclusive lead may cost $75 to $150. HVAC lead prices may vary based on your geographic location and the type of job. Interested in trying a lead generation service? We can help. Sign up for your free ProMatcher account today!

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Last Updated: June 28, 2019

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