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How Do I Get More Commercial HVAC Leads?

Providing a reliable service is one of the major keys to getting more commercial HVAC leads. People like to refer the companies that have the best services and prices to their friends and neighbors. When you meet these criteria, referrals will come your way on their own. They’ll contact your company when they need to hire someone to repair or replace their HVAC unit.

Updated: 06/21/2019

Where can commercial HVAC companies purchase leads?

While there are numerous companies that collect and sell HVAC leads, you’ll want to do a bit of research before deciding on one or two in particular. There are a number of questions that need to be answered before choosing one. For example, you need to look at the information that’s available about the company. Have they been in business for a while? Are their reviews mainly positive? Will they credit you for any bad leads that they give you? Are they selling each lead more than once? It’s important to find the best company for your needs – ideally one with plenty of high-quality leads located near you. Good local leads will not only help you generate new business, but they will help your company grow.

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I received some leads, now what?

Lead generations services collect the contact information for people in your geographical area who are looking for a commercial HVAC service. Once the company sends you those leads, it’s your job to reach out to those potential customers. If you wait too long to contact them, then you might have lost out on the job already. Timing is everything when it comes to getting the most competitive jobs.

What’s the average price for commercial HVAC leads?

It’s a common misconception that commercial HVAC leads are expensive or not worth the price. What you do need to ask yourself is: how much is that lead worth to you? If you pay $50 for a lead that brings you $6,000 worth of work, then that lead is clearly worth the money. While the average cost of these leads tends to be between $12 and $70, there are some factors involved. The pricing depends on where you’re located in the country, as well as the type of service that the client requests.

Are there categories for commercial HVAC leads?

Pay-per-lead companies tend to place their leads in different categories. When you contact the service, you’ll need to explain exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll send you leads that meet your specifications.

Types of leads available:

Furnace maintenance
Furnace repair
HVAC equipment installation
Vent cleaning
HVAC system diagnostics
Air conditioner repair
Air conditioner maintenance
New A/C unit installation

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Why should I buy commercial HVAC leads?

- Find more commercial jobs to bid on
- Gain new customers and potential referral sources
- Grow your business
- Make more money (if it all goes well)

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