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Air Conditioning Repair Leads: Free Leads for HVAC Contractors

Updated: 09/04/2019

Free Air Conditioning Repair Leads

Paying for leads can get pretty expensive. With ProMatcher, you might be able to get a few air conditioning leads for free. All leads that come through your directory listing or ProMatcher profile are yours to keep for free - no strings attached. Simply sign up for ProMatcher today to learn how to get access to your free leads.

A/C Unit Repair Leads

Here’s how ProMatcher can help your HVAC business take off. Our website attracts residential and commercial customers looking for your services, and we show them all that you have to offer. Your services are in demand. You just need an introduction.

We can help you get all types of leads that are common in your line of work:

Air Conditioning Repair
Central A/C Replacement
Window A/C Unit Repair
Heating System Repair
Ductwork or Vent Repair
Geothermal System Repair
Boiler Repair
Furnace Repair

Home service leads are increasingly found online, and home and business owners turn to our website as a means to find HVAC contractors like you. Sign up for your free ProMatcher account to get matched with marketing vendors that sell HVAC leads.

Lead Generation Companies For HVAC Contractors

It’s good to have several irons in the fire, so to speak. It's important to vary your marketing efforts - especially if you are new to the industry or your service area. Creating a ProMatcher profile is just one of the many ways you can become connected to potential customers.

You might also consider purchasing HVAC repair job leads. You will have the opportunity to get connected to HVAC lead generation services when you join ProMatcher.

One important thing to keep in mind when purchasing leads is that a lead is just a lead. Converting those leads into sales and jobs is often the tougher task. While leads give you the opportunity to gain a new customer, it's not a guarantee. This is an important consideration when deciding what your budget is for each new lead. Keeping track of your spending on leads can help you determine if the value is what you’re looking for. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it may be time to try a new service for your lead generation needs.

Not seeing results from your current marketing efforts? Get matched with HVAC repair lead generation companies today

Exclusive Air-Conditioning Repair Leads

An exclusive lead is one that is sold only to one HVAC contractor. Competition for that one customer is therefore reduced. For this reason, this particular type of lead is often sold at a premium price.

“Shared leads” are more budget-friendly as they are sold to multiple HVAC contractors Customers then have the opportunity to compare HVAC contractors and get multiple quotes for their air-conditioning repair job. If you opt for exclusive leads instead of shared leads, this may increase your odds of being selected for the job.

Cheap Air Conditioning Repair Leads

Trying to differentiate between the different HVAC repair lead generation options can be overwhelming. However, keep in mind that price often correlates with quality. Low prices frequently mean low quality, so researching each company you are interested in is essential for you to receive the value you’re after. Not everyone offering a low price is looking out for your company's best interests.

If you know any other HVAC contractors, try asking them if they have had any luck purchasing air conditioning repair or other leads for their business. Online reviews are another informative information source that can point you to the right companies. If you’re ready to begin exploring lead generation opportunities, get started with ProMatcher today.

Air Conditioning Repair Leads Near You

Not just any lead will do when it comes to your success. You need to make sure that you appeal to the right customers, ones local in your area. Location is very important for people looking for home services. Being clear about the specific cities, counties and zip codes you service will help you find jobs that are convenient and profitable for you. If you live in a very populated area, this is a great way to maximize the usefulness of your leads. However, if you are in a more rural area where it’s hard to find leads, you may need to travel to increase your leads for air conditioning repair and other services.

Learn more about buying HVAC contractor leads

How Much Do Air Conditioning Repair Leads Cost?

Air-conditioning repair leads usually cost between $20 and $55 per lead. Generally, the price of leads for your HVAC company is going to reflect your expected profit. This means you can expect to spend more on leads that help you reel in the big jobs. Leads for smaller job opportunities will cost less.

There are a few things that go into the price of of an air conditioning repair lead:

> Type of work customer is looking for
> Job location
> Size and reputation of lead generation company
> And many others

Most leads will be less than $25 a piece. You can also find discounts based on how fast you can respond to leads. Calls to potential customers within an hour can reward you with lower prices.

Best Way to Get Heating & Cooling Repair Leads

Customers look for one main thing when it comes to selecting their next HVAC company: quality service at a fair price. If you have an outstanding reputation, local customers will seek out your services. Your most satisfied customers will be happy to refer you. Word will get around to their friends and neighbors that your air conditioning repair service is reliable and well-priced. These word-of-mouth referrals are the easiest way to reign in new business . These free leads are the best!

However, a company that is brand new in the industry is not going to make it if they are relying on referrals alone. Building a loyal customer base takes time, sometimes years. That’s why buying leads is such a popular option for newer HVAC contractors. If you think that you might benefit from buying leads, we’re here to help. To learn more about which lead generation option may be right for you, sign up for ProMatcher today.

Updated: September 4, 2019

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