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Heat Pump Leads: Jobs for Heating and Cooling Contractors

Updated: 11/13/2019

Free Leads for Heat Pump Contractors

It is hard to say “no” to free things. What about a free meal at your favorite restaurant? A free t-shirt at a basketball game? Even if it’s a small token, we all get excited about surprises like this.

At ProMatcher, we understand the excitement that comes with free things. Therefore, we try really hard to help our members get as many free leads as possible. There are no hidden fees. No credit card is required. We will never charge you for any heat pump lead that comes directly through your profile or your ProMatcher directory listing. Anytime you get a new lead, we’ll send you an email or text message with the information. Create your free account on ProMatcher today to discover how to can get free heat pump leads.

Job Leads for Heat Pump Contractors

ProMatcher can help heat pump contractors find a variety of new job leads. Homeowners, facilities managers, and business owners use our platform to request different types of heat pump services.

Some popular heat pump job leads:

1. Air-Source Heat Pump Installation
2. Ground-Source or Geothermal Heat Pump Installation
3. Heat Pump Repair or Service
4. Heating & Cooling Duct Installation or Replacement
5. Central A/C Installation

Lead Generation Companies for Heat Pump Contractors

If you are looking to expand your HVAC business, you should definitely take advantage of any free leads that ProMatcher can provide. For some companies, the free leads we offer may not be enough to keep you busy. If that’s the case for your company, paying for additional heat pump leads can be an excellent way to bid on more jobs and grow your customer base this year. Although we do not sell leads, we would be happy to match you with one of our partners that does sell leads.

The idea of paying for new leads may seem a little intimidating initially. On the surface, many lead generation companies have similar offers. It can be hard to tell the difference between the different options available. Figuring out which lead generation company is the best fit for your business may not be easy. Put together a list of what you are looking for a lead generation service. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when doing your due diligence. How long have they been in business? Do they offer competitive pricing? How is their customer service? What fees are involved? What is their refund policy?

If you’re ready to get started, ProMatcher can connect you with some of the most popular HVAC lead services. Sign up for ProMatcher today and start getting leads.

How Much Do Heat Pump Leads Cost?

Heat pump leads usually cost between $15 and $80 a piece. The cost of leads generally depends on the size of the job and your geographic location. Typically, commercial heat pump leads are more expensive than residential leads. While many companies charge per lead, some companies may give contractors the option to purchase a monthly lead subscription.

You can learn more about lead prices for heating & cooling contractors in this helpful article.

Finding Heat Pump Leads for You

When signing up with a lead service, you typically have the ability to decide which areas you are interested in servicing. You can select the specific cities, counties, or even zip codes where you would like to get some leads.

In addition to setting your location preferences, you can also decide exactly which type of job leads you prefer. For instance, if you only want residential jobs, the HVAC lead service can filter out any commercial or industrial job leads from your account

How to Get Heat Pump Leads

The truth remains that providing excellent customer service is the most effective way to build your business. While it’s important to invest in a variety of marketing and advertising strategies, it’s very hard to grow a business without happy customers. Word-of-mouth is everything in the heating and cooling industry. Do good work, treat your clients well, and they will do right by you. The referrals will roll in before you know it.

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