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How to Get More HVAC Leads

Updated: 06/27/2018

Generate More HVAC Leads

The easiest way for HVAC contractors to get leads is to do really great work! If your business does quality work at a fair price, a steady stream of referral business keep you busy throughout the year. The best thing about these leads? They won't cost you anything.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. It can take time to build your reputation and prove yourself. Word-of-mouth recommendations will come, but not overnight. If business is slow and you need to find work now, buying HVAC leads can be a great option.

Where Can HVAC Contractors Buy Leads?

There are several lead generation companies that sell leads to HVAC contractors. You can find some of them listed here. Each lead generation company works a little differently, so it's important to do your research before deciding which service to use. How long have they been selling HVAC leads? How many leads can you expect in a week? In a month? What happens if you get a bad lead? Do they sell each lead to more than one HVAC company?

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How Does HVAC Lead Generation Work?

The lead generation service finds consumers in your local area who need an HVAC contractor. One person may need a new furnace. Another individual may need their heat pump repaired or serviced.

You let the lead generation company know what types of leads you would like to buy. For examples, are you interested in residential or commercial HVAC leads? Then, you can specify exactly what jobs you can complete. HVAC contractors may be able to buy leads for the following projects:

Sample HVAC Leads

1) Furnace installation and replacement
2) Furnace repair or service
3) Air-conditioner installation or replacement
4) Air-conditioner repair or service
5) Heat pump installation and repair
6) Ducting & venting installation and repair
7) Boiler installation or repair
8) Water heater installation or repair
9) Thermostat installation or replacement
10) Swamp cooler installation or service

When you are matched with a new lead, you will usually recieve a text or email with the customer's contact information and a short description of the job (ex. "Need central A/C installed in 5 bedroom home").

Your job is now to contact the customer as soon as possible and schedule a time to meet up. If the customer doesn't answer on the first call, call again! You need to be persistent. Don't give up.

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