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How Much Do Home Security Leads Cost?

Home security leads usually cost between $7 and $95 each. The cost of each lead varies depending on a number of factors listed below.

Updated: 02/09/2018

Home Security Lead Cost Factors

1. Size of the job. Is this a residential or commercial job? What type of system is the prospect looking to install or repair? The estimated cost of the job is usually reflected in the cost of the lead.

2. How quickly you respond to the lead. Some lead providers offer discounts for calling the potential customer within a short timeframe.

3. How many contractors they sell the lead to. Shared leads may be sold to a few different contractors to give the customer more options. But, you can pay more for exclusive leads that would only be sold to you.

4. Seasonal factors. Leads tend to cost more during slower times of year when there are fewer customers looking to install home security systems.

5. The lead program you buy from. Each lead generation company may have a slightly different pricing model. While many use a "pay per lead" model, other companies may charge a monthly subscription fee.

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