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How to Start a Home Security Business

Updated: 02/14/2018

1. Get your licenses and permits squared away.
One of the first things you should do is get the proper credentials. Have you completed the proper training and filed the right paperwork? It could take some time to get this all squared away, and it must be done before you start working. In most states, you’ll need a security installer license. Getting your license usually involves taking a training course and submitting to a background check. You may need also a permit for resale or retail to buy and sell the security hardware. Licensing requirements vary by county and by state, so this may require some research.

2. Consider the franchise model.
In the home security business, many individuals choose to buy a franchise in order to take advantage of their strong brand name and support resources. You’ll need between $20,000 and $100,000 to get started - depending on which franchise you go with. If you are looking for more flexibility, you may want to start an independent company.

3. Officially form your company.
It’s important to legally start your company to protect yourself from liability. You could structure your business as an LLC, sole proprietorship, S-Corp, or other formation. It can be helpful to consult an accountant and/or legal professional to understand the pros and cons of each entity.

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4. Choose your company name and logo.
Pick something unique enough to stand out, but still descriptive enough that people know it’s a home security business. This is the exciting part – now you’re ready to print business cards and create marketing materials.

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5. Nail down pricing and service offerings.
This might require some heads down math and business planning. What are your expenses going to be? How much revenue do you expect to bring in? You may want to work with an accountant or a local small business support group to put your business plan down on paper.

6. Build a website.
A website is essential for your home security business. People are careful of which company to trust with something as important as home security. They expect legitimate security companies to have a website. A website is a place where you can showcase the technology you use and the knowledge you have. You might also want to include testimonials from your first few happy customers.

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7. Make sure you have everything for day one.
What would you need to start working with your first customer? Prepare a contract that you can use. You will be able to find some good templates online. Buy any tools and equipment you’ll need, open a bank account, and make sure that you're fully insured.

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