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Can Door-to-Door Sales Work for Security Companies?

Yes, door knocking may be a successful strategy for home security dealers and alarm companies looking to grow their business. There are a couple of ways people typically approach door to door sales.

Updated: 02/09/2018

1. Canvassing method
This is a broader approach, meaning that you would methodically go door to door throughout your whole service area.

2. Cloverleaf method
If you just installed a security system in one house, you would target the houses nearby and let them know that one of their neighbors had it installed. You could even let them know you’re running a discount right now for their neighborhood.

Consider supplementing door to door sales with door hangers or flyers to leave at homes that don’t answer the door.

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Be sure to approach every door with professionalism, courtesy, and respect. Think through your specific pitch ahead of time. Practice makes perfect! If someone is not interested, that's fine. Just move on to the next house.

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