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Do I Need a Website for My Home Security Company?

Yes – a website can help potential new customers find your home security business. Keep reading below to find some tips on what to include on your home security company website.

Updated: 02/09/2018

For most companies today, it’s essential to have a website - even if you get a lot of leads through word of mouth. Most people will still search for your business online to find reviews and to check out your website before reaching out. Make a great first impression with a website that shows prospects everything you have to offer.

Information You'll Want to Include on Your Home Security Website:

1.) Your contact information. Make it bold and easy to find. You can include it in the header, footer, sidebar, or on a dedicated ‘contact’ page. Of course, be sure someone is available to answer any calls or messages that come in!

2.) Your company’s credentials. This could be accomplished by publishing team member bios, sharing what types of home security technology you use, or simply saying how long you’ve been in business. Do you belong to any professional associations? You may to include that as well.

3.) Services and pricing. There’s plenty of space on your own website to go into detail about the services or packages you offer. Do you only install new security systems? Do you offer monitoring services? Can your install surveillance cameras? Does your company repair alarm systems? People want to know how you can help them, and they always want to know what to expect for pricing. If you’re not comfortable giving exact numbers, you could at least explain the cost factors.

4.) FAQs. Answering some of the most common questions you receive can help customer meetings go more smoothly.

5.) Examples of your work or testimonials. These help build trust with potential customers and show the benefits of home security products. Always ask permission before posting comments from your past customers.

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