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What Are Some Good Security Company Name Ideas?

A security company name should evoke strength, reliability, and trust. We've put together a list of 22 security company name examples to get you started thinking about what to name your security company.

Updated: 02/14/2018

Here are a few pointers for naming your security company. The name should be descriptive and obvious enough for people to understand that it's a security company. Consider using an animal theme, military theme, or other words that make people think of safety, strength, reliability, or peace of mind. You could also use your family name or city name. Always make sure there isn’t already a company in your area with the name you want.

22 Security Company Name Examples

1. Smith Brothers Security

2. Hawk Security Co.

3. Springfield Home Alarms

4. Spartan Night Patrol

5. Rhode Island Home Watch

6. Minuteman Protection Service

7. Watchdog Alarm Services

8. Night Eye Security

9. Admiral Security Co.

10. Madison Home Marshals

11. Safe Home Security

12. Shield Security Patrol

13. Night Owl Home Watch

14. Rest Assured Security Co.

15. First Alarm Security Team

16. Blue Guard Protection Services

17. Beacon Night Watch

18. Assurance Alarms

19. Secure San Diego, Inc.

20. Scottsdale Eagle Security

21. Secure Home Solutions

22. Bedrock Security Co.

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