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Marketing for Home Building Companies - Questions & Answers

Is It Important for a Home Builder to Have a Website?
It’s more important than ever for a home builder to have a website. A modern, professional website can be a great asset to your business. You can describe the services you offer, show off pictures of the houses you’ve built, and let people know what makes your company different. Have you won any awards? Do you specialize in “green” or sustainable construction? Most importantly, your contact information should be on every single page. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you!
Is SEO Important for Home Builders?
Yes, professional home builders should care about search engine optimization. SEO can help your website earn more visibility in the major search engines like Google and Bing. When you rank highly for important keyword searches, more people are going to click to your website. You can improve your SEO by publishing original content and building links to your site. If you need additional help, you might think about hiring an agency to do some SEO work on your behalf.
Can Home Builders Buy Leads?
Yes, there a few different places for home building contractors to purchase leads. Most of these companies charge on a per-lead basis. This means that you agree to pay a set price for each type of lead. Prospects may need help with a variety of services, ranging from design to construction. They may have a lot already or they may need to your assistance finding a property to build on.
Can Home Builders Generate Leads With Pay-Per-Click Advertising?
Yes, pay-per-click advertising can help home builders generate leads. PPC can help your company reach a very targeted audience. For example, you may only build houses in 5 different counties. You can edit your location preferences to make sure your ad only shows in these counties. This means you won’t waste money showing your ads to people outside of your service area.
Is It Worth It for a Home Builder to Advertise in the Yellow Pages?
To be honest, there’s no easy answer to this question. It is going to depend on where you live and the level of competition in your area. A yellow pages ad can still be a helpful marketing tool for home builders in some parts of the country. This tends to be true in some rural areas where people still refer to the phonebook when it comes time to hire a local business.
How Much Do Home Builder Leads Cost?
The cost of new home construction leads will depend on several factors, including where your business is located and the type of house the prospect wants to build. As a general rule, modular home builders can expect to pay less for leads than custom, high-end home builders. It’s important to note that some lead providers sell leads multiple times. Shared leads are usually more affordable than exclusive leads (that are only sold to one contractor).
How Much Should Home Builders Spend on Marketing?
There are a few variables to consider. It will depend on the 1) size of the company, 2) how many jobs you are looking to take on, and 3) the level of competition in the marketplace. Most home builders should aim to spend about 5 to 10% of their gross revenue on marketing. You’re probably thinking that this sounds like way too much money. If you’re not ready to spend this much, that’s okay. Start with a few of the low-cost marketing strategies and work your way up slowly!

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