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12 Practical Marketing Ideas for Custom Home Builders

Updated: 03/15/2018

Is it time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy? Your success in the home building industry might depend on it! We want to help you find new ways to market your business and grow your company! Use the tips below to get started.


1. Do quality work

Word-of-mouth is still one of the important marketing channels for a home building contractor. Shoddy workmanship is just not going to cut it. You have to deliver a great product if you want to keep bringing in referral business. It’s just that simple.

2. Create a brand.

Branding includes everything from naming your company to deciding on a logo. Each choice helps to give your company a unique identity. How do you want to be known? If you like to build high-end homes, your company name should reflect that. There’s a big difference between “JR Home Builders” and “JR Luxury Home Builders” or “JR Custom Homes”. Your brand helps to determine the type of customer you will attract.

3. Upgrade your outdated website.

First things first: you need a website. If you don’t have one, you’re already losing business to your competitors that do. If you have an older website with outdated technology, it’s likely time for a design overhaul! A modern, professional website with high-quality photographs of your past work makes a lasting first impression. Let people know why you are the best home builder in town. Make sure your contact information is on every page so interested customers can get in touch with you!

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4. Drive traffic to your website with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

If you don’t have time for SEO right now, pay-per-click is a solid alternative. You can use highly-targeted ads to get more visitors to your site overnight. PPC is all about customization. If you're a home builder in Dallas, you will want your ad to show when someone searches for "builders in Dallas". If you typically build high-end homes, you might want to include the word "luxury" in your ad text. If you aren't careful, PPC can become very expensive. Don’t worry though! You can always control your spending by setting daily budget limits.

5. Build your company’s credibility with online reviews.

Although testimonials can be helpful, your prospective customers really want to see independent verified reviews. Building a home is an expensive project! People want to make sure they are working with a reputable contractor before signing the dotted line. Many people rely on online reviews to make these important hiring decisions. Highly-rated builders with many positive reviews also get more visibility on these platforms.

6. Follow up with people!

This might seem overly simple, but it’s very important. Once you submit a proposal, don’t wait for the prospective customer to call you back. Sending a quick email can make all the difference. See if they have any questions or concerns about the home construction process. Simply reaching out again can really help you win the job.

7. Use a pay-per-lead service.

Buying leads is a popular way to generate new business quickly. There are several lead generation companies that can help home builders find new prospects. When a lead matches your preferences, you will receive a text message or email notification with the information. You are then charged a fixed price for each lead.

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8. Connect with other local businesses.

Building solid relationships is an important part of growing your business. As a builder, it can help to connect with real estate agents, appraisers, general contractors, and other home builders. Think about people you can exchange referrals with! Always keep a few business cards on hand. You never know who you may cross paths with on a daily basis.

9. Try pay-per-call advertising.

If business has been slow recently, pay-per-call leads can give you the bump you need. Things will happen once you start submitting more proposals. A pay-per-call company advertises on your behalf. Interested consumers can call you directly. You will be charged a set fee for each call the company sends your way. People may be contacting you for a variety of projects. For example, one person may be looking to build a custom home on a vacant lot. Another person may be looking to tear down their existing home and do a total rebuild.

10. Build your following on social media.

Use social media to post pictures of your current projects, answer questions about the home construction process, and share relevant construction and real estate articles. When someone asks a question or writes a comment, take the time to respond and follow up. Be genuine and show the human side of your business!

11. Put up job site signs.

When building a new house, ask the new homeowner if you can put up a sign in their yard. When people walk or drive past the construction site, they will know you are responsible for the great work. If someone else in the area is interested in hiring a home builder, they might think to call you first (just based on the sign).

12. Optimize your website for the search engines.

Investing time and money in SEO can help you get more organic search traffic to your website. Wouldn’t you love to rank highly for “best local home builders” or “high-end home builders”? With a great website, you can turn these website visitors into your new clients.

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