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How Much Do Home Builder Leads Cost?

Home building leads usually range in price from $60 to $120 per lead. However, not all home construction leads are created equal. Lead prices may vary based on the nature of the job.

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Updated: 05/01/2018

Most home builder leads cost between $60 and $120 per lead. Prices may vary based on the specifications of the house the customer wants to build. How large will the home be? Where is the home located? Does the land need to be cleared? What type of finishes are they looking to include?

The cost of home construction leads will depend on several factors, including where your business is located and the type of house the prospect wants to build. As a general rule, modular home builders can expect to pay less for leads than custom, high-end home builders. It’s important to note that some lead providers sell leads multiple times. Shared leads are usually more affordable than exclusive leads (that are only sold to one contractor).

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