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Fencing Leads: Free Job Leads for Fence Contractors


Free Fence Contractor Leads

All fence contractors want leads but nobody really wants to pay for them. Many companies will try to catch your eye online by claiming they can get you fencing leads for free, but the truth is these “free” leads almost always come with strings attached.

Unlike those companies, ProMatcher can generate free leads for your fence business without any tricks. There are no hidden fees or trial periods. We strive to generate as many free leads for the fencing contractors in our network as we can. ProMatcher will never charge you for any lead that you’ve earned. That’s a guarantee.

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Job Leads for Fence Installers

ProMatcher makes finding new job leads for fence contractors easy. Home and business owners visit our site to search for contractors who can install a wide range of fence and gate styles. They also use our system when their fences and gates need repairing.

Popular fence contractor job leads are:

1. Chainlink fence installation and repair
2. Wrought iron fence installation and repair
3. Security gate installation and repair
4. Split rail fence installation and repair
5. Privacy fence installation and repair
6. Pool fence installation and repair
7. Picket fence installation and repair
8. Metal fence installation and repair
9. Vinyl fence installation and repair
10. Fence rental installation and repair
11. Electric fence installation and repair

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Lead Generation Companies for Fence Contractors

If you are just getting your fence business off the ground or are looking to start growing, ProMatcher can connect you with some of the most popular fence generation services. Buying fence leads is an excellent way to take on more jobs and secure new customers.

Lead generation services normally offer a couple of options, including pay per call, pay per lead, and pay per appointment. These various options offer different benefits and fee structures, which gives you the flexibility you need to achieve your individual marketing goals.

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Fencing Leads in Your Area

Geography is a critically important factor to keep in mind when purchasing leads. Fence contractors want leads from prospective clients in their service area. A fencing lead generation service can usually supply you with leads from only the zip codes or counties you request.

How Much Do Fence Contractor Leads Cost?

Generally speaking, the more expensive a job is, the more the lead for that job will cost. For example, a lead for someone looking to install an electronic security gate is going to cost you more money than one for someone who wants their backyard fence repainted.

Fencing leads usually range in price from $10 to $45.

You should be tracking the returns on leads you purchase both in the short-term and the long-term. Are the companies you are purchasing from producing good quality leads? Another point to keep in mind is that companies are selling you leads, not customers. It’s up to you to turn those leads into sales.

How to Get Fencing Leads

Attracting new customers is easy if you perform high-quality work, are dependable, and treat your clients in a courteous and professional manner. It’s these basic principles that will help you not only retain existing clients but also bring in new ones. As your fence business grows, customers will begin to recommend you to their family, friends, and neighbors.

Building up your reputation in the fence installation sector takes some work. You will need to effectively market your business to entice new customers to work with you. Overtime, you will figure out what strategies work best for your particular business.

There is a whole host of ways to go about marketing your services. Check out ProMatcher’s fence business marketing guide to start reviewing the steps you should take to start growing your business.

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