Does SEO Matter for Fence Contractors?

Short answer: yes, SEO absolutely matters for fence contractors. Search engine optimization can help your fence company's website to the next level.

Updated: 05/02/2018

Fence Contractors & SEO

Consumers now rely on the internet for choosing just about everything, including their fence contractor. These choices are usually made in a matter of seconds based on the first few companies listed on a search results page. Focusing on SEO for your fence business is important because making it onto the first page of results really impacts the amount of traffic your website receives and, ultimately, the number of people that hire you.

Popular Fence Keywords

Really popular search keywords like “fence installer” and “fences near me” tend to have a lot of competition. Don’t stress though because people search for fence installers using all kinds of keyword combinations. SEO is all about finding which ones work best for your business. Check out a few examples below:

Fence Contractor Keyword Examples:

1. Fence installation
2. Fence company
3. Residential fence
4. Install pool fence
5. Fence repair near me
6. Best fences Los Angeles
7. Security fence
8. Privacy fence
9. Who installs fences
10. Fences 20147
11. Picket fence cost

Optimizing Your Fence Contracting Website

There are plenty of great strategies you can use to optimize your website. You might be able to tackle some of them solo, while others may require the assistance of an SEO consultant or marketing agency. Join ProMatcher and we can help you find fence company marketing programs that might work for your business.

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