14 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Fence Business


1. Don’t forget about commercial customers

Residential customers are important, but don’t underestimate the value of commercial ones. Commercial clients need a wider variety of services. Pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, daycares, and dog parks all need fences too. This means more business for your fence company.

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2. Refresh your website

Think that website you set up years ago and haven’t touched since is good enough? You might want to think again. A well-designed, professional website gives your fencing business credibility and helps you reach a wider audience. Make sure your website lists important information like your prices and the fence styles you offer. Do you also install security gates? How about white picket fences? Let people know and also include a photo gallery of your best work.

3. Set up accounts on social media

So you’ve updated your website – excellent! Now it’s time to make sure you have accounts set up on major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Instagram. These accounts should link back to your fence company’s website so it’s easy for customers to find out more about your business.

4. Put up yard signs

When you install a fence at someone’s home or business, ask if you can put up a sign with your company’s name in their yard. Signs may require a small investment upfront but allow you to target neighborhoods where your customers already live or help you expand into new ones. This can be an easy and fairly low-cost way to generate referrals.

5. Ask customers how they heard about your fence business

It’s important to track your leads so that you don’t waste money on advertising methods that don’t work. Asking every customer how they learned about your fencing business can help you make sure you’re getting the best returns on your marketing dollars. Find new customers for your fence business by joining ProMatcher today!

6. Place ads in the local paper

Even though advertising is becomingly increasingly digital, if you are a small business, placing ads in local or neighborhood papers can still get you great results. Ads in these types of papers are usually less expensive than larger publications, which is good if your fence business doesn’t have a huge marketing budget. If you’re active in the community, this strategy may be particularly effective.

7. Buy fencing leads

Generating new leads takes a lot of time. Pay-per-lead and pay-per-call are both great options for fence builders who need more leads but don’t want to invest that time themselves. Lead generation services advertise on your behalf and you are only charged for leads that align with your company’s needs. For example, you won’t have to waste money on wrought iron or wood fence leads if you only install chain link fences.

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8. Use analytical tools to better understand how much traffic is coming website

This one may take a little bit of research on your part. But the extra effort is worth it because using analytics on your fence company’s website lets you track and monitor the actions of everyone that visits your site. You can not only see how many people are visiting your site but also how they got there in the first place. A good way to get started is by signing up for a Google Analytics account. Once you get a feel for that, you can look into some of the other web analytics tools available for businesses like yours.

9. Build up your network

Many people know that networking is an essential component of business success. Except those same people often don’t do it because they feel intimidated or don’t know how to get started. But it’s not as difficult as you might think. It’s really all about forming genuine relationships that can lead to referrals down the line. Look into joining the local chamber of commerce or sitting on the board of an organization that supports a cause you care about. You should also try attending a fence or construction trade show. When you go, make a sincere effort to meet new people.

10. Run a promo

Offering a limited-time coupon or running a promotion is a good way to draw in new customers. There’s a lot of psychology that backs up why sales work on consumers, but let’s just say that sometimes a promotion can be the catalyst someone needs to follow through on the backyard fence they’ve been dreaming about. Be careful not to run a promo that undercuts your prices by too much though or customers will have doubts about the fairness of your regular prices.

11. Use your company vehicles to your advantage

It’s very likely that you own a couple vehicles that you and your employees take out to job sites. You probably use them to carry your equipment, but have you ever considered that your trucks could pull double-duty as mobile billboards? The first step is to secure a great logo, which may require the help of a graphic designer. Then you’ll need to have the logo printed as a decal or vinyl wrapping. Keep in mind that by branding your company vehicles, your drivers become direct representatives of your fence company. Be sure to instruct them not to speed or drive recklessly because it can reflect negatively on your business.

12. Expand your fencing business

Take some time to consider if there are any areas where you can expand your business. Moving into a new space professionally can help you broaden your customer base. If right now you only install and repair standard fences, consider bringing on someone familiar with electronic gate systems. You could also look into installing an entirely new product like balcony railings or porches. The options are practically endless.

13. Claim your free online listings

In addition to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there are several free online business directories where you should list your fence business. Listing yourself on Google, Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, and even the digital Yellow Pages helps customers find your company when they are searching online. To ensure the best search result success, your business name and contact information should be correct and consistent across all of these sites.

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14. Don’t lose touch with past customers

With just a little work, past customers can turn into repeat customers. When you finish a job, use periodic emails or postcards to stay in touch. Be thoughtful about how often you contact customers—you want to maintain the relationship without annoying them. Customers who remember you will be more likely to contact you for repairs if their fence suffers any damage. They will also be more likely to recommend your fence services to their friends and family.

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