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How to Quote Tree Removal

Updated: 10/22/2018

There are a few important factors to consider when putting together a quote for tree removal.

Tips for Bidding on Tree Removal Jobs

1. Before you take out a saw, be certain you and the client have agreed on the scope of the work. It’s best to put everything in writing to protect yourself and your business.

2. Visiting the job site in person is practically a necessity for tree removal quotes. You will need to assess both the size and condition of the tree or trees before coming up with a reasonable estimate. This assessment is not something that should be left up to clients, and you really should avoid giving bids over the phone whenever possible. Pictures may not do it justice.

3. Be very clear in your quote how you define payment terms. The bid should specifically list any payment due dates and outline the client’s payment options: cash, credit, check, etc. It should also explicitly state whether a down payment is required.

4. Time and material costs are usually the biggest factors in pricing tree removals. However, you should not forget about your overhead costs. Overhead costs include things like insurance, equipment maintenance, and worker’s compensation. Some of your proceeds will need to go towards covering these expenses.

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Important Items to Consider:

1. Size of the tree. How tall is the tree? What is the tree’s diameter? Does it have a significant number of branches?

2. Condition of the tree. Is the tree healthy? Is it dead or dying? Has it already fallen?

3. Job location. How far do you have to travel to get to the job site? If the job is outside of your typical service area, you may need to tack on a "fuel surcharge" to account for the additional mileage.

4. Site conditions. How close is the tree to any buildings? Are there power lines or other hazards nearby? Is the tree easily accessible?

5. Stump removal. Does the customer want the tree stump removed? Do you have a stump grinder or will you need to rent one? Don't forget to include the rental fees in your estimate.

6. Limb removal. Does the client want some limbs removed instead of the entire tree? Will you be responsible for hauling the limbs away?

7. Permitting. Are you required to secure any permits? Do you need approval from the city or neighborhood association? What costs are associated with these tree removal permits?

8. Equipment required. What type of equipment is needed to cut down the tree? Is there a fence or another obstacle present that may make it difficult to get the equipment in place?

9. Haul away or chipping. How much wood will be hauled away? Do the remains need to be turned into wood chips or mulch?

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10. Your profit. How much money would you like to make on the job? How much do you need to charge to make a profit of 25-35%?


Are you still not completely confident when it comes to quoting tree removal jobs? If so, you may want to consider using a bid proposal template. Buying a template gives you a basic jumping off point but still allows you to customize the bid to your specific needs.

You should also check out ProMatcher’s Tree Removal Cost Report to get an idea of how much other tree professionals in your area are charging for their services.

It can take years to perfect your bidding strategy. Don't worry if it takes some time to get it down to a science.


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