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How to Bid Land Clearing & Win New Jobs


Bidding jobs accurately can be one of the toughest parts of the job - especially if you are new to the land clearing industry.

It takes time to get it right, and practice makes perfect. If you go too high, you will lose the job to a lower bid. If you underbid, you might not make any money on the job. Over time, you will learn which jobs are the most profitable and which jobs you might want to avoid all together. It should not be your goal to win every job. It should be about finding the right jobs for your business!

12 Tips for Bidding Land Clearing Jobs

Here is a list of helpful tips to guide you through the bidding process. Let's win more land clearing jobs this year!

1) Don't give estimates over the phone
It's impossible to accurately bid a land clearing job over the phone. Many potential obstacles and challenges are invisible to the untrained eye. You cannot rely on your prospective customer's description of the job. It's important to visit the job site on your own to fully assess the situation.

2) Make a strong first impression
Present yourself as a professional. This means showing up on time with a clean shirt. Be prepared! Have you done your homework? Are you ready to ask and answer all of the important questions? While these things may seem like minor details, they are incredibly important! Show your client that you are someone worth hiring!

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3) Put everything in writing
When preparing a quote for a land clearing job, make sure to explain the scope of work in great detail. Protect yourself by putting everything in writing. A detailed bid looks impressive. It lets potential clients know that you know what you are doing. They will feel confident hiring you over other landing clearing companies.

4) Take your time
Scrambling to put together a bid proposal can lead to costly mistakes. Even forgetting one or two items in your quote can turn a profitable job into a loss. While it's important to deliver bids in a timely fashion, there's no need rush the process.

5) Focus on profit
This means you might have to let some jobs go. If you don't feel like you can accomplish the job successfully and make a profit, it's okay to say no. Underbidding jobs on a consistent basis is a surefire way to go out of business.

6) Define your payment terms
How much do you expect upfront? When is the final payment due? Put this all in writing so there is no confusion down the road.

7) Find helpful tools
You should not have to go back to the drawing board every time you prepare a bid proposal. Purchasing a template or using a bidding software can really help. Don't feel like you have to go it alone. There are many helpful tools at your disposal.

8) Have references ready to go
Do not be caught off guard if a client asks you for references. You should have the contact information of a few satisfied clients in your back pocket at all times.

9) Be positive
There is no need to badmouth your competitors or criticize their work. Focus on what you do best. How are you uniquely qualified to do this particular job?

10) Be the obvious choice
If you are the best land clearing contractor in town, everyone will want to hire you. If you have positive online reviews and good word-of-mouth, jobs will come your way. Your past clients will happily refer you.

11) Follow up!
If you don't hear back from someone, give them a call. See if they have any questions that you can answer.

12) Learn from your mistakes
Let's say a client has decided to go with another land clearing company. Don't be afraid to ask for some honest feedback. Why did they decide to hire the other company? Losing a job can be hard! Do your best not to dwell on it. What you did get was some valuable bidding experience. All you can do is learn and grow from it. It takes time to get it down to a science!

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Last Updated: October 22, 2018

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