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How Much Do Commercial Painting Leads?

As general rule, commercial painting leads are going to be more expensive than house painting leads. Commercial lead prices typically range from $55 to $125. However, prices may vary based on several factors.

Updated: 02/01/2018

The cost of each commercial painting lead will depend on:

1. The estimated cost of the painting job
A lead for a $10,000 job is going to cost more than a lead for a $2500 project. How much area needs to be painted? What type of safety equipment is required? How many crew members would work the job?

2. Your business location
Lead prices are typically higher in more competitive markets, like New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. If there is higher demand for leads, the prices will be higher. ?

3. Interior or exterior painting jobs
Exterior painting leads may be priced differently than interior painting job leads.

4. The lead quality
Has the customer's contact information been verified over the phone? How many times has the lead been sold? Is the lead from a reputable company?

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