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House Painting Leads: Bid on House Painting Jobs

Updated: 07/22/2019

Free House Painting Leads

ProMatcher helps house painters find better marketing opportunities and lead generation strategies. By joining our network, you’ll also have the chance to earn free leads through your ProMatcher profile and online directory listing. This is just one of the many benefits of joining ProMatcher. Unlike some other companies, we can promise that we will never charge you for these leads. This is not just a free trial. To start getting painting job leads, join ProMatcher today!

House Painting Business Leads

ProMatcher can help house painters find new job leads. Homeowners use our system to request many different services everyday. Here are some common requests that a house painter may be able to fulfill:

1. Interior house painting
2. Exterior house painting
3. Apartment and condo painting
4. Wallpaper installation
5. Wallpaper removal
6. Popcorn ceiling removal
7. Fence painting
8. Deck staining
9. Power washing

Lead Generation Companies for House Painters

Your ProMatcher profile isn’t the only way to get more leads. If you’re looking to grow your painting business, buying leads can be a great option! The hardest part is deciding which lead generation company to work with. That’s why joining ProMatcher is so beneficial. We can help link you with some of the top painting lead generation services.

Learn how to buy painting leads →

While you’re evaluating the lead companies, think about the typeof of leads that will work best for your painting business. The three most popular options are pay per call, pay per lead, and pay per appointment. Would you like interested customers to call you directly? Would you like to sent a text message with the prospect's contact information? Would you like the painting lead service to schedule estimates on your behalf?

No matter which company you end up choosing, it will still be up to you to close the sale after receiving the lead. Following up quickly, especially in the first few minutes, gives you the best chance of closing the deal.

How Much Do House Painting Leads Cost?

It’s hard to put an exact dollar figure on the cost of a house painting lead because the price of each lead depends on the value of the project. On average, you can expect to pay between $15 and $50 for a house painting lead.

The location of the job, as well as the size of the project, will affect the cost of the lead. Leads for more expensive projects will be priced accordingly. You can read more about home painting lead prices in this article.

House Painting Leads in Your Area

Lead generation companies can work with your business to get you painting leads that fit your needs. In fact, if you give them a specific service area, lead companies will only provide you leads from the counties or zip codes you are interested in working in.

You can also request to receive leads for only the types of painting jobs you perform. If you only do interior house painting, you can ask that exterior jobs be excluded from your account.

How to Get House Painting Leads

You want people to be talking about your business for the right reasons. Delivering quality service and offering fair prices will ensure that they do just that. Satisfied customers will refer your painting business to their friends and coworkers. Good buzz paired with positive online reviews can go a long way towards building a healthy client list.

For more ideas on how to spread the word about your company, check out our list of marketing ideas for house painters next.

Updated: July 22, 2019

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