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Exterior Painting Leads: Free Leads for Painting Contractors

Updated: 09/05/2019

Free Exterior Painting Leads

Every painter likes the idea of getting free leads, right? It almost sounds too good to be true. Many companies try to gain attention online by claiming to provide free leads. However, many of these free leads come with conditions or your free trial ends in a matter of days.

With ProMatcher, you can get free leads for your painting business (without any strings attached). There are no hidden charges. No credit card is required. If a potential customer finds you through our website, we will always send you that lead for free. Take advantage of this opportunity and join ProMatcher for free today!

Types of Exterior Painting Job Leads

Exterior painting contractors might be interested in doing a number of different jobs. Home and business owners use our website to find contractors who can handle many types of painting projects. Leads are often categorized by the type of service requested.

Popular exterior painting jobs:

Exterior house painting

Commercial painting

Residential painting services

Stucco house painting

Brick or stone house painting

Garage painting

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Lead Generation Companies for Exterior Painters

Your ProMatcher profile should be just one way that potential customers find your business. If you’re not generating enough buzz, we can also connect you with some companies that sell exterior painting leads. A painting lead generation service seeks out local homeowners and business owners who are actively searching for a painting contractor. Then, they will send you that interested customer’s contact information so you can reach out and provide an estimate.

Purchasing a lead does not guarantee that you will close the sale. However, you can take steps to boost your company’s chances of landing new contracts. Consider that when calculating the money that you are willing to spend on a single lead. Track every lead you purchase overtime so that you can do a basis cost-benefit analysis. If you don’t think you are getting enough value, you may need to find a different lead generation service or re-evaluate your sales process.

How Much Do Exterior Painting Leads Cost?

Most exterior painting leads will cost you between $28 to $49 per lead. The potential value of the job often determines the cost of the lead. For instance, commercial leads are often priced higher than residential painting leads. Painting a large warehouse has the potential to generate more revenue than painting the exterior of a single home.

You can read more about the cost of house painting leads here - if that's what you are most interested in. If you are a commercial painting contractor, you may find this article about commercial painting lead prices helpful.

When paying for a lead, you’re paying for the opportunity to bid on a job. Keep in mind that this one job can turn into multiple jobs. If you do a great job on the first one, they may ask you to do some additional work. They may refer you a friend. One of their neighbors may see your truck in the driveway and contact you for more information about a painting project of their own. If you recently launched your business and need a little extra help, purchasing leads may be a good idea.

How Exterior Painters Can Get Even More Free Leads

Treating your customers well and providing a value service is still the best way to build a successful painting business. Ensure that you give your clients a realistic projection of how long the job will take, charge fair prices, and do your best. When you make mistakes, own up to them. Do your best to make it right and rectify the situation.

As you work to scale your business, you will discover that homeowners and contractors who have had a good experience with your business with come back. They will continue to seek out your business when they have other exterior painting jobs. They might even recommend your painting service to their friends or colleagues. A personal referral like this is the best lead!

Want to read more? Check out more marketing ideas for painting contractors in this helpful resource.

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