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13 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Painting Business

Updated: 07/16/2018

1. Be fair, be friendly

There is really no better marketing strategy than doing high-quality work at a fair price. Show up on time, stick to deadlines, and deliver a high-quality service. Your customers will appreciate your professionalism. If you stay in touch with them, they will call you again and refer you their friends.

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2. Set up a business website

This is not up for debate anymore. You need to have a website for your painting business. How else will customers find your business online? There are many affordable (even free!) website builders out there.

3. Buy painting leads

If you need to generate new business quickly, purchasing leads can be a great option. Painting contractors can buy leads for 1) interior painting jobs, 2) exterior painting jobs, 3) faux painting jobs, 4) mural painting jobs, and 5) commercial painting jobs.

4. Get a vanity phone number for your business

Make it easier for customers to call you by getting a vanity phone number. You'll have see what's still available, but a memorable phone number like 858-PAINTER can be great for business.

5. Find your niche

What makes your painting business unique? It's important to identify what makes your company unique. Becoming a specialist in one area, such as commercial painting or interior house painting, can give you a competitive edge.

6. Build relationships with local businesses

Everyone needs a painter at some point. If you take the time to build a real relationship with someone, they will call you right away when a painting project comes up. They will also refer you to their own clients. General contractors, real estate agents, and property managers are great contacts to have.

7. Set up a paid search campaign

Use pay-per-click advertising to get more eyes on your company website. Make sure your phone number is super visible on every single page!

8. Join free directories and review sites

Get more online visibility for your painting company by claiming your profile on review websites and online directories (Google, Yelp, Bing, etc.). ProMatcher also offers free directory listings to all painting contractors.

9. Put your name and phone number on company vehicles

A vinyl vehicle wrap can help to build brand awareness and generate new leads. there. If you're not ready for a full-wrap, you can put stickers and magnets on your car to promote your painting business.

10. Print new business cards, brochures, and flyers

Old school, printed marketing materials can still be very effective for painters.

11. Offer a discount to new customers

People may be more willing to hire you over a competitor if you offer a 15% off coupon. If you do great work on the first job, they will be happy to pay full price for any future services.

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12. Post pictures of your work on social media

Showing off pictures of current jobs and past projects is an awesome way to build trust with potential customers. They want to see that you're capable of doing high-quality work.

13. Send out marketing postcards

Direct mail (or "snail mail") still works. A direct mail service can help design the postcard, put together a list, and measure the results of your campaign.

Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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