Marketing & Advertising Ideas for Lawn Services

1. Attend a home and garden show

Attending a home and garden show is an excellent way to connect with customers looking to improve their property. As a vendor, you will typically pay a set fee to sign up for an exhibitor’s booth. You then have the chance to pitch your lawn care services to everyone at the show. This is a pretty surefire way of securing new leads because people at these events have usually paid to be there. As a result, they are more likely to be interested in your lawn services than the general public.

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2. Order new business cards

Business cards are important no matter what type of service your business performs, even lawn care. If you don’t have them already, don’t stress: there are dozens of websites that make it easy to design and print business cards yourself. If you do need them right away, some FedEx office locations offer pick up within 24 hours of ordering. Once your business cards arrive, carry a few in your wallet at all times and hand them out while you’re networking or when you meet potential new clients.

3. Ask happy customers for referrals

You shouldn’t feel nervous about asking customers for referrals. If you do great work, most people will be happy to put you in touch with their friends and neighbors. To encourage more indecisive customers, consider establishing a rewards system for referrals that result in new customer signs-ups. ProMatcher can also help you find new lawn care marketing ideas and lead generation strategies.

4. Put out lawn signs

Lawn care services like yours have an advantage over other types of service-based businesses: the lawns you work on are the perfect stages to promote your company. Each time people drive past their neighbor’s beautifully cut, fresh green grass is a great advertising opportunity for you. By placing yard signs with your logo, company name, and contact info in those yards, passerby will know how they can easily get in touch with you to have their own lawns serviced.

5. Buy ad space in a local paper or newsletter

While the importance of digital advertising cannot be understated, advertising in local papers and newsletters can still generate leads for your lawn care business if you are operating in a smaller market. Publications like these are usually more flexible with ad sizes and are typically more affordable than their larger counterparts. Plus, you will be able to target your messaging directly towards local customers.

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6. Market your lawn care business online with local SEO

The names that come up at the top of an online search results page are not random. Your actions actually influence your placement in the listed results, which means it’s possible to improve your position. That’s exactly what SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about. While there are some things you can do on your own, working with a reputable SEO firm or digital marketing agency can be very helpful.

7. Advertise with door hangers

If you own a landscaping or lawn care business, don’t give up on old school marketing techniques like door hangers. Since the services your company offers are home service-based and frequently repeated, you can leverage this advertising tool in a way that other businesses can’t. The best part is that this method of marketing is usually very cost-effective, it just requires a little legwork.

8. Try using a lawn care lead generation service

It’s okay if your lawn service company needs a little assistance finding prospective customers. Lead generation nowadays is really hard. That’s why there are entire companies dedicated to helping businesses like yours connect with new clients. Lawn care lead services often operate on a "per lead" pricing model. You will only be charged every time the service forwards you a new contact.

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9. Establish your brand

Unique branding will help your lawn care business stand out from the competition. Establishing your brand usually starts with developing a great logo, which should probably be designed by a professional graphic designer. Besides a visual component, the most important part of building a brand is communicating to customers your company’s identity, which includes not just the products and services you offer but also the values you hold. This will determine your messaging and help you define the type of customers you are trying to reach.

10. Improve your website

Once you have established your brand and secured a logo, you should start looking to improve your website. Incorporate a design that jives well with your logo and the overall aims of your lawn care service. Your contact information should be clear and easy to locate on each page. Make your phone and email hyperlinks so that customers just need to click on them to reach your business directly. Along those same lines, it’s really important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly so that customers can use it on their phones and tablets.

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11. Take out an ad in the Yellow Pages

We heard you laugh in disbelief at this one, but hear us out. Older people, in particular, still use the phonebook (instead of phones or computers) to search for service providers. Those same aging people are also more likely to need help caring for their lawns. Give the Yellow Pages a shot and if you find you aren’t generating enough leads, you can simply choose not to renew the ad.

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