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49 Lawn Care Company Name Ideas That You'll Love


Choosing the Right Name for Your Lawn Service

Find the best name for your lawn care business. We have put together this article to help you come up with a great name for your new lawn service.

Let's be real. New lawn businesses are popping up all the time. Choosing a memorable company name can help set you apart from the competition. Join ProMatcher today and learn how to better market your lawn business.

Lawn Care Company Name Examples

We've compiled this list of name suggestions to get you started. Get inspired! Put your own spin on one of the names listed below. 1. AJ's Lawn Care

2. Cooke County Lawns

3. Mosaic District Yard Service

4. Great Lakes Lawn Co.

5. Long Branch Avenue Landscapers

6. RJK Lawn Care & Landscaping

7. Greener Lawns of Buffalo

8. Pascal Family Lawn Service

9. Cortez Landscaping & Irrigation

10. Earl's EZ Lawns

11. Lawn Professionals of Eastern Loudoun

12. Plano ProLawns

13. Wendell's Landscaping

14. ATX Landscaping Enterprises

15. Malibu Mowers

16. Northern Virginia Grass Care

17. Gainesville Grass Cutters

18. Main Street Lawn & Tree Care

19. Collegiate Mowers

20. Gordonsville Lawn Maintenance Co.

21. J & P Affordable Landscaping

22. Champion Landscaping Services

23. GreenPro Lawn Service

24. Little Rock Yard & Sprinklers

25. Hometown Lawn & Shrub Maintenance

26. Tennessee Top-Notch Lawns

27. JJ's Lawn Care & Leaf Removal

28. Russell & Son Gardening

29. Glen Rock Grass Masters

30. East Lansing Mowing

31. Louis the Lawn Guy

32. Charlottesville Lawn Advantage

33. MVP Mowers

34. Great Lakes Lawn Care & Snow Removal

35. Silver Lake Yard Experts

36. Hartford Grounds Maintenance

37. Giuliani Family Natural Lawn Care

38. Central Michigan Grass & Garden

39. The Grass Guys of Greensboro

40. Corona Commercial Landscaping

41. Big Frank's Landscape Design Co.

42. Southwest Organic Lawns

43. Brown Property Maintenance

44. Midtown Yard Medics

45. Miracle Lawns of Princeton

46. Boise Lawn + Garden Care

47. St. Augustine Lawn + Pest

48. Theo's Lawn Service of Texarkana

49. Big Easy Leaf + Lawn

10 Tips for Naming Your Lawn Company

1. Keep it short. Names that are are often harder to remember. Anything longer than four words might be too long.

2. Simplicity is key! Don't try to make things overly complicated.

3. Don't be too vague. It should be somewhat obvious that you work in the landscaping industry. If your company name is "PJ Enterprises" or "Russell and Sons Outdoor", how will prospective customers knows that you mow lawns?

4. Go local. It can be helpful to include the name of your city, town, state, county, or region in your business name. When people come across an ad for your company, they will automatically have an idea of where you work.

5. Use your own name. Be proud enough of your work to put your name on it! It doesn't hurt that customers love to hire local, family businesses. This can be your advantage over national brands and franchises.

6. Emphasize your specialty. Make it clear what your lawn company does best! Do you also install lawn sprinklers? Do you plow snow in the off-season? Do you do tree work?

7. Think long-term. Will you be happy with the name of your company next year? In 5 years? In 10 years? Do you hope to offer additional services in the future? Will the name still represent your company well?

8. Be unique. Choose a name that is unique to you. It should not be easily confused with other local lawn services. If there is already a "Louisberg Lawn Service", don't name your business "Louisberg Lawn Company".

9. Be memorable. It's okay to have fun with it! You can pick a name that's funny or entertaining. People will remember those names with ease. You can also develop a catchy slogan to accompany your fun name.

10. Pick a name that you love! This should be obvious. Choose a name for your lawn service that you like and will continue to like for many years. You should be exciting about starting this new business!

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